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DIY (Do it Yourself) Projects -- Solar Electric Projects
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:30 AM

From The Sun, To The Outlet:  You can have as many panels as you want, but until you have the right electronics, the power created could be useless. The power you are creating has to be stored, or at night time you will have no power. For this we use batteries. Not just your everyday AA batteries though, we need what is called a deep cycle battery. Deep cycle batteries are made to be discharged, and charged back up, many many times. If you did that with a normal car battery, it would not live very long. Deep cycles are use in boats for trolling, in golf carts, and even in some forklifts. If you like to scrounge, ask around your forklift dealers, and certain manufactures(they all use forklifts) for the ones they thow out. Golf courses can be good as well.

How To Make A Solar Power Generator For Less Than $300 - Fearsome Homepage:  Using parts easily available from your local stores, you can make a small solar power generator for $250 to $300. Great for power failures and life outside the power grid. Power your computer, modem, vcr, tv, cameras, lights, or DC appliances anywhere you go. Use in cabins, boats, tents, archaeological digs, or while travelling throughout the third world. Have one in the office store room in case of power failures in your highrise. I keep mine in my bedroom where it powers my cd player, turntable, lights, modem, laptop, and (ahem) a back massager. I run a line out the window to an 8" x 24" panel on the roof.

Tutorial On Off Grid And Renewable Energy:  Does the idea of harnessing the Sun's energy for your electrical needs appeal to you? Have you listened to the wind and seen it's effects and wondered how you could utilize that energy for yourself? We have the equipment and expertise you need to make the most of the energy of wind and sun for your home, farm, or business.

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