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DIY (Do it Yourself) Projects -- Solar Photovoltaic Panel Projects
Installation Procedures
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:30 AM

Photovoltaic cells (PVs) are a very different technology from solar water heating, and use light to generate electricity. They are particularly well suited to sites where a grid connection would be difficult or expensive or that are only used in the summer. For an independent power supply, solar works well with wind as there is a good balance of both over the year. Solar electricity, like electricity from other renewable energy sources, doesn't produce carbon dioxide or harm the environment.

Although start-up costs are higher than other renewable technologies, PVs have key advantages:

  • there are no moving parts to fix so they are relatively easy to install and maintain
  • they can be sited in urban areas and are not restricted in the way that wind and hydro-power systems are
  • they can replace other roofing materials, for example tiles. The cells are embedded in a flat, waterproof material to form 'modules', which make ideal cladding material for walls and roofs
  • they need not take up any additional land space.

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How to Install Solar Panels:  Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed on many different types of roofs. Panels can be flush mounted as well as tilted up. When ever possible it is best to install solar panel mounts while a home is being roofed….(added 8/06)

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NEW  Solar Electric Backup System:  You are watching the Evening News on television when they report a large truck struck an electric pole in your area. Electric crews would be working all night to restore electric service to the Double Tree Subdivision. Your subdivision! And you never noticed the electric was down? Your battery backup system kept your lights and television on with not even a flicker.

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