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Algae as Biomass Videos

MIT Algae Photobioreactor
From:  roidroid

Alan Alda narrates this video. An algae photobioreactor on the roof of MIT university.

The clear polycarbonate tubes are approx 3 meters high, and 10-20 centimeters in diameter.

It removes upto 86% of the NOx and 40% of the CO2 of the smokestack emissions that are bubbled through it. The algae are feeding on exhaust with 13% CO2 content....

For more information:
Biodiesel Plant in Mookgopong, South Africa


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BioFuels or BioMass Links
Algae Biofuel Equipment - Algae biofuel equipment and resources. ... gases in your smokestack flue gases into clean, renewable biofuels, such as biomass, biodiesel, or ethanol. ...

Algae BioFuels Targets Alabama for BioFuel - Algae BioFuels will use the algae as feedstock in fuel production. ... The algae biomass material could also supply annually up to 100000 pounds of animal ...

Another Company Enters the Algae-based Biofuels Game - [ Topics include: solar, wind, biomass, biofuels, alternative transport, ... Algae BioFuels, a PetroSun wholly owned subsidiary, will license technology to ...

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