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BioFuel Videos
Last Updated:  06/25/2015 06:30:21 AM

Biofuels & Ethanol: The Real Story
From:  adventureracerx

Scientist David Fridley explains the inherent cost and production problems with ethanol and similar biofuels.

Methanol train
From:  dutchtrainmanserie22

tanker train run to Rotterdam ,Netherlands. Location Blerick,Netherlands

Dennis Langley on E3 Biofuels
From:  KelleyCampaigns

CEO of E3 Biofuels discusses company's pioneering closed-loop system for ethanol production with virtually no fossil fuels. (more)

Bio-Ethanol Fuel From Woody Biomas : DigInfo
From:  Diginfonews

Japan is a forested country with about 70% of its land comprised of bountiful woodland. The Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute is the only research organization in Japan that comprehensively researches forests in order to know, protect, and utilize this asset. The institute is currently developing a bio-ethanol production technology based on simultaneous glycosylation fermentation using alkali pretreatments and cellulose-producing microorganisms. As a raw material for bio-ethanol, woody biomass doesn't compete with current food-based ones....

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