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Education - University Programs
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:30 AM

Links to University Programs on Renewable or Alternative Energy

Aalborg University Denmark :  Provider of information regarding use of water as a renewable energy resource in the Northwest. Website includes tour of a hydroelectric project.
Agricultural University of Norway:   
Aprovecho Research Center:   
Biomass Pyrolysis Network:   
Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research:   a non-profit school research center public demonstration site and public education center dedicated to the design research and dissemination of sustainable living practices
Center For Sustainable Systems:  University of Wisconsin Forest Products Laboratory. A resource for bioenergy, bioconversion, and bioprocess technology.
CWPR:  Watson Institute for International Studies Project plans to incorporate green objectives. 
Energy Group:  The University of Iowa's CGRER promotes research efforts that focus on the multiple aspects of global environmental change. Their web site outlines CGRER goals and offers links to research and reports done by the group on a multitude of environmental issues. Their web site also offers a section aimed towards K-12 students interested in atmospherics and related sciences.
Fossil Fuels :  Institute at the University of Michigan promoting sustainable development through education. Includes research on buildings, agriculture, transportation, renewable energy, and packaging, as well as methodologies, projects, publications, statistics, and educational resources.
Fox Maple School of Building:  A university-based multidisciplinary organisation dedicated to problems of transportation. 
Georgia Tech:  Based at University of East Anglia. The latest information on global climate change.
Information Center for the Environment:  The Centre for Waste and Pollution Research web site has been established to disseminate information within the general field of waste and pollution. This site contains information about waste management, waste policy and regulation, composting and contaminated land.
Institute of Energy Conversion (Delaware):   
International Economic Platform for Renewable Energies :  Department of Engineering at Reading University, UK 
National Fuel Cells Research Center (NFCRC) :   
Photovoltaic Testing Laboratory :  University of California Davis
Purdue University :  Provider of information and free emails regarding renewable energies in Europe including solar, hydropower, wind, and bioenergy.
Real Goods Institute for Solar Living:   
San Francisco Institute of Architecture:  University of California, Irvine, center promotes and supports the genesis of a fuel cell industry by providing technological leadership within a vigorous program of research, development and demonstration.
Standby Power :   
Texas A&M School of Irrigation:  Provider of solar racing is a student organization services devoted to pushing the limits of solar technology by designing, building, and racing competitive solar powered vehicles.
The Ecosa Institute:   
The Fox Maple School of Building:  Evening and Saturday courses in: Ecological Design, Nature-Based Architecture, Visionary Creativity
The University of Arizona Cooperative Extensions AZMET  :  Provider of research in solar thermal, building analysis, and HVAC systems. Colorado State University
The University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Lab  :  Research and educational programs supporting the Texas Irrigation Industry 
The Weatherization Training Center:   
UC Davis biodiesel study:   
UC Davis biodiesel study:   
University College Dublin:   
University of Agriculture:  Home page of the University of Newcastle Wind Energy Group contains some papers online.
University of Arizona Cooperative Extensions AZMET  :  
University of California White Mountain Research Station:   at The Pennsylvania College of Technology
University of Central Florida:   
University of Idahonew link -- Energy Research Group Carry out research on low-energy and passive solar building design and host the site for the European Solar Industry Federation ESIF. Many excellent well-illustrated reports on EU funded research projects are available in pdf format but you'll need a fast link to deal with the monster file sizes!
University of New Mexico School of Architecture:  University website 
University of New South Wales :   
University of Oregon :  University of California White Mountain Research Station
University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Lab  :  Distributed learning, Florida Solar Energy Center, admissions, and campus life.
University Of South Floridas Clean Energy Research Center:  Solar Energy and Energy Conversion Laboratory
University of Texas Solar Energy Laboratory:  shares up-to-date information about biodiesel production, availability and use
University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center:  Resource site for renewable and efficient technologies, publications, contacts and Internet resources.
University of Wisconsin Solar Energy Lab (SEL) :  an overview of the clean energy research center's activities at the university of south Florida. Our focus is on hydrogen and photovoltaic research.
Virginia Tech Geothermal Data:  Provider of wind energy research website from the University of Utah.
Washington State University Cooperative Extension Energy Program :  Supplier of computer program containing information including feasibility studies and optimization of micro-hydro power installations.
Water Resources Research Center:   
Weatherization Training Center:  Laboratory established to educate students through research experiences in solar and conventional energy utilization.
Yestermorrow Design Build School:  Energy Systems Research Unit

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