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Living Green in the Garden - Water Conservation
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

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Business Conservation Initiatives:  A water audit is an excellent place to start determining where excess water is being used

Clotheswasher Savings Calculator:  Calculate your savings in common areas laundry rooms

Drop by Drop:  A How-To Guide: Starting a Water Conservation Program

H2O Water Saver Home:  California Urban Water Conservation Council Water Saver Home. Take a tour of water saving opportunities in your home.

Multi-Family Laundry Rooms Save Water:  Help implement this cost-saving and resource-friendly water and energy conservation method

Pricing promotes efficiency and conservation:  Market-based pricing of water use would enable consumers to prioritize their water use.

San Diego expands landscape conservation programs:  Water savings continues with plans for the next five-to-ten years.

Toiletology 101 Care And Repair:  For some time now a growing group of people have been trying and succeeding to make diesel fuel out of used cooking oil (waste vegetable oil, WVO) by themselves. There are many magnificent articles on this subject on the Internet that can teach you how to get started.

Water Efficiency Manual

Waterwiser Drip Calculator:  Measure and Estimate Water Wasted Due to Leaks

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