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Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

Living Green, is basically making decisions considering the impact that decision would
have on the environment.  Living Green is making choices that are good for the earth. 

(Beer) uilding Energy Efficiency Research:  is the Building Energy Efficiency Research project at the Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong. The objective of this research study is to formulate effective strategies for achieving energy efficient design in architecture and buildings.

Did She Really Just Ask That? Boston Green Tourism Director Dan Ruben Reveals the Secret of His Eco-Philosophy:  What are some of the other practices that you do that are examples of living green? Dan Ruben: Well, a lot of it is. I get excited about making changes in ...

Ecological Stewardship Workshop:  report from the US Forest Service on sustainable forestry and forest ecosystems

Green Delaware:  Green Delaware is a grassroots organization concerned with environmental and public health issues in Delaware and surrounding states. We advocate policies consistent with good health, preservation of biodiversity, and long-term sustainability. We believe that achieving these ends also requires progress towards human relationships based on peace, justice, and democratic forms of government. Located in Port Penn, Delaware

Handmade Organic Mosquito Repellent (HOMeR):  The Thai lemon grass in our herb garden grows nearly two inches a day -- and we found it keeps the mosquitoes away. We've also found that it's an effective herbal anti-fungal medicine (lemongrass tea) and in Puerto Rico people use the fibrous stalks as a natural toothbrush! But how can its essence be extracted and preserved without losing its magic? We use a tincture we make with Chinese brandy. It works well -- but can you find a better way?

Living Green, Saving Green!:  Did you know you can save a lot of green by living green? ... For example, you can save at least 50% on your organic vegetables by shopping at your local ...

Making Smart (And Green) Choices When You Paint:  (16 pages) Draws on experiences of Central and Eastern European countries to examine the Joint Implementation (JI) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) flexibility mechanisms created by the Kyoto Protocol and explores issues regarding their implementation. Elena Petkova and Kevin A. Baumert.

Red Jellyfish:  Environmental directory with natural products, services and organizations. Links to recycled, organic, solar, cruelty-free, healthy, socially conscious, and environmentally friendly products

The Complete Idiots Guide to Saving the Environment:  The choices you make each day matter a lot. This e-guide can simplify green living because it puts practical tools and resources at your fingertips that are designed with the busy person in mind. 

Tower of tomorrow is an example of living green architecture:  When Fortune invited my design firm, which specializes in sustainable architecture, to share our vision of a building of the future, we decided not to guess...

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