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Living Green in the Garden -- Composting Toilets
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

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Composting Toilet Links

BioLet Composting Toilets:  Self-contained composting toilet. Product information, and US distributor listing. Also online shopping.

Clivus Multrum Composting Toilets:  Manufacturer provides a directory of international distributors, as well as details of system features and advantages. Includes photographs of installations around the world. Based in Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA.

Composting Toilet Systems, Inc.:  An environmentally friendly array of waterless toilets that can be used in all types of conditions and areas. Clients include parks and municipalities.

Cotuit Dry Toilets:  A small, customer-oriented manufacturer of self-contained waterless, airtight, integral-urinal toilets.

EcoTech:  Manufactures Norwegian design Carousel Composting Toilet System and supplies Ekologen Urine-Diverting Toilets (both dry and flush), TimberGrass Bamboo Flooring, and the Septic Protector.

Ecowaters Products for Lower-Impact Living:  The composting toilet system products and book about more than fifty types of systems.

Ekolet/Biolett:  Modern, odorless composting toilet. Requires no chemicals, additives, water or mains drainage.

Envirolet Composting Toilets:  Economical and environmental solution to septic for cottage, cabin, home or business. Waterless and low water models.

Envirolet Composting Toilets-Europe:  Environmental toilet alternative for cottages, cabins, chalets and homes.

Hermit Trail:  Grand Canyon Trail Crew installs a composting toilet at Hermit Creek Campground, Hermit Creek.

MicrobiaLogic:  Bacterial bioaugmentation products for pit, vault, portable and composting toilets in outdoor recreation and remote living areas.

Nature-Loo Composting Toilet:  A simple, hygienic composting toilet system that manages human waste on site without using water.

Separett:  Swedish manufacturer of waterless composting and urine diverting toilets and accessories. Product information and distributor listings in various languages.

The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure:  Describes why and how to compost human manure.

The Natural Home Building Source:  Composting toilet sales, installation and service throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Urban Agriculture Notes: Composting Toilets:  The tale of a large office complex converting to the use of composting toilets, and a smattering of other resources and links on human waste recycling.

World of Composting Toilets:  Composting toilet information, advice and guidance.

Yahoo Groups: Compost-Toilet:  International meeting place for people using or considering a composting toilet, either a selfbuilt one or a commercial model. Forums in Dutch and English, must join (free) to enter site.

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