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What is Xeriscape?
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

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Why Xeriscape? For most of the western United States over fifty percent of residential water used is applied to landscape and lawns. Xeriscape can reduce landscape water use by 60% or more.

Efficient water use doesn't mean changing our lifestyle. It means reducing water waste, such as improper irrigation, and finding ways to achieve attractive, comfortable landscapes without excess water use.

Your landscape is an investment in your comfort and in the value of your property. A good Xeriscape will increase your property value by as much as 15%. Xeriscape can also reduce water and maintenance costs by up to 60%.

Xeriscape helps extend water supplies. When water use is restricted, inefficient water-thirsty landscapes suffer first. Protect your landscape investment by drought-proofing it.

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Xeriscaping Links

City of Boulder Xeriscape  :  The city of Boulder wants to help you save water while adding more beauty and interest to your yard.  Participate in the Zero in on Xeriscape pilot program available to East Boulder, Martin Acres, Table Mesa and some central Boulder residents. (added 7/06)

City of Ft Collins Xeriscape  :  Xeriscape is not a yard full of rocks and cacti, nor is it a yard void of bluegrass. Xeriscape provides a diversity of seasonal colors and textures while reducing outdoor water use by 30 to 50 percent. Homeowners who Xeriscape find their yards look better, need less maintenance; their homes sell faster and bring higher returns.

Colorado WaterWise Council :  Xeriscape Colorado is a program of the Colorado WaterWise Council. Xeriscape promotes creative approaches to water conserving landscapes by helping people improve their landscapes and to reduce the need for water, maintenance and other resources. Defines xeriscaping, covers plan and design, low-water plants, and much more. Good links to resources and references.

Dripworks :  Drip irrigation supplies, suppliers to the pros. Articles on website, tips in catalog.   Welcome to DripWorks, your source for quality drip irrigation and micro irrigation supplies for home owners, landscapers, farmers and greenhouse owners. Our professional quality drip irrigation products include drip emitters, micro sprayers, emitter tubing, T-Tape® drip tape, misters, timers, filters and more. Our low prices and friendly technical service will assure your satisfaction.

Landscape Water Conservation: Xeriscape:  From Texas A&M. Includes basic principles, and plant lists for Texas. (added 7/06)

PlantTalk®: Learning More about Xeriscaping:  Xeriscape is a water conscious, creative landscape. Xeriscape started in Colorado as part of a regionally-adapted Gardening style and there are many local xeriscape information resources. (added 7/06)

Waterwise Plants for Utah Landscapes :  From Lists many native plants and sources. Waterwise Plant List from USU Extension. (added 7/06)

Xeriscape Council of New Mexico:  The Council's primary goal is to offer education and training about water conservation, primarily through efficient irrigation of xeriscaping utilizing native and other low-water plants (added 7/06)

Xeriscape Gardening:  An extensive list of resources from Colorado State Extension Service. Includes plant lists, photos, plants for specific sites, and much more. (added 7/06)

Xeriscape Plant Selections and Ideas:  Information  from University of North Dakota Cooperative Extension. (added 7/06)

X-Rated® Gardening by Garden Centers of Colorado :  X-rated plants are selected for their ability to flourish in your yard with limited amounts of water.  X-rated plants beautify your yard with plants suited to our climate.  They increase gardening success because you are using the right plants in the right place.  Conserve our precious resource by using less water. (added 7/06)

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