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Links to Renewable (Alternative) Organizations
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

(Acres) Anglian Centre For Renewable Energy:  The purpose of a wave energy device is to harvest the energy in the waves. Since wave energy is a renewable resource, the environmental impact is limited to the resources used for production, set-up and dismantling. The evaluation of wave energy devices should be based on the relation between realistic energy production and monetary investment a simple case of kilowatts per dollar.
(Anev) Associazione Nazionale Energia Del Vento:  Edinburgh company planning to install two 375kw Pelamis devices, which are semi-submerged, articulated structures composed of cylindrical sections linked by hinged joints in Machir Bay, Islay for power generation. 
(Bwea) British Wind Energy Association:   
(Spie) The International Society For Optical Engineering :  Describes and markets technology to convert the enormous energy found in ocean waves to energy for seawater desalination, water purification and electricity generation. 
(Wec) World Energy Council:  World's first commercial wave power station (500 kW) connected to national grid in Britain, Scotland, Islay Island. (November 22, 2000) 
Accc (Austrian Council On Climate Change:  Information about a series of interactive wind and wave atlases providing wind and wave climate statistics worldwide. 
Ace (American Coalition For Ethanol):  ACRES is concerned with promoting renewable energy through education and research. The web site contains information on renewable energy technologies and web resources for teachers, and higher education students. 
Acfas:  The Italian Association of Wind Energy operators  / (added 09/2005)
Action Without Borders:  Information on the wind energy industry in the UK, with news, FAQ, overview of UK wind farms, reports, and studies. The BWEA is the professional and trade body for all those involved in the wind energy industry in UK. 
Adventist Development And Relief Agency:  Organization supports application of climate specific architectural design, green construction materials, and engineering practices.
Aebiom - European Biomass Association:  Organization dedicated to advancing engineering, scientific and commercial applications of optical, photonic, imaging, electronic, and optoelectronic technologies. / (added 09/2005)
Aee (Association Of Energy Engineers):  A non-governmental energy policy forum, which promotes the sustainable supply and use of energy. Through its studies, technical and regional programmes, the WEC shares information, collaborates on new technologies and offers policy and strategy recommendations. 
Affordablecomfort :  Austrian Council on Climate Change  / (added 09/2005)
Aga (American Gas Association):  ACE is an organization that promotes the use of ethanol for its clean burning abilities. Their large web site features ethanol related legislation updates, news, publications and links. 
Air Conditioning Contractors Of America (Acca) :   
Alaska Conservation Foundation:   
Alliant Energy/Second Nature:   
All-Russian Institute For Scientific And Technical Information (Viniti) :  Trade association for the European biomass industry  / (added 09/2005)
American Bamboo Society:  The AEE is a group of over 8,000 professionals committed to helping their firms or clients increase energy efficiency, utilize innovative energy service options, enhance environmental management programs, upgrade facility operations, and improve equipment performance. Their web site features a large amount of energy engineering information for those wishing to explore the technical aspects of energy efficiency.
American Gas Association (Aga):   
American Hydrogen Association Northwest:  AGA, representing natural gas utilities, acts as a clearinghouse for gas energy information, providing information on technical and energy policy matters.  / (added 09/2005)
American Methanol Institute:   
American Physical Society:   
American Solar Energy Society (ASES):  AGA, representing natural gas utilities, acts as a clearinghouse for gas energy information, providing information on technical and energy policy matters. 

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