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Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

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H Power Corp :  Manufacturer of proton-exchange membrane fuel cells. These fuel cells are able to back-up or replace electrical grid power. Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Hat Creek E Publishing :  offers a downloadable electronic book titled "Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System". It was written for the beginning alternative energy enthusiast. Written in plain language without a lot of technical jargon, it contains worksheets, a glossary and a large online resource-reference section.
Hawaiian Electric Company:  Located in Hawaii, United States
Hawaiian Electric Industries:  Located in Hawaii, United States
Hawkmans Automotive:  contains a section devoted to alternate fuels and electric vehicle technology. / (added 09/2005)
Hay Dobbs Pa:  Located in Minnesota, United States
Heat Pump Centre (Hpc):  The International Energy Agency's HPC is a source for international information on heat pumping technologies, applications and markets.
Heliocol Inc :  Solar pool heating. Heat your swimming pool with the sun. Solar panels for pool heat.
Heliodyne Solar Water Heating:   
Heliopower:  Located in Fallbrook, California
Heliotronics Inc:  Located in Hingham, Massachusetts
Hewitt Machine And Manufacturing:  Manufacturer of cantilever or vertical boat, pontoon, hydraulic, and personal watercraft lifts, Roll-A-Docks, sectional and floating docks. Also manufacture dock accessories including ladders, benches, canopies, bumpers, solar panels, and stairways.
H-Ion Solar Inc:  Hydrogen systems for energy storage
Hoku Scientific:  Located in Honolulu, Hawaii
Holly Solar Products:  Solar and low-voltage products - great LED flashlights / (added 09/2005)
Home Concepts:  Your doorway to unique country designs featuring house, garage, cottage and carriage house plans. Immediate email delivery of all plans. 
Home Construction And Improvement Guide:  Located in Brainerd, Minnesota
Home Energy Saver
:  The Home Energy Saver is designed to help you identify the best ways to save energy in your home, and find the resources to make the savings happen. The Home Energy Saver asks for a detailed description of your home, and then quickly computes energy use on-line. Results are provided in dollars, kilowatt-hours and CO2 emissions for your house and the most energy efficient house. By changing one or more features, you can estimate how much energy and money you can save and how much pollution you can prevent by improving your home's energy efficiency. In addition, the Home Energy Saver's "Making it Happen" and Energy Librarian" modules connect users to an expanding array of "how-to" information resources throughout the Internet. /  (added 09/2005)
Home Energy Systems Inc:  Located in San Diego, California
Home Ideas:  Home improvement information for your home project. / (added 09/2005)
Home Solar Energy :  Website provides selection of consumer solar and environmentally safe products including solar visor radios.
Home Water Treatment Systems:  Home water treatment at Eden Engineering providing water filters, water purifiers, reverse osmosis water filtration and water purification systems cartridges.  / (added 09/2005)
Home2gardenorg:  dedicated to reviewing earth friendly and family friendly websites for anything related to home or garden.
Homestead Specialties:  Solar and wind systems.
Honeywell Inc:  Honeywell is a diversified technology and manufacturer of aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive products; power generation systems; specialty chemicals; fibers; plastics and advanced materials.  / (added 09/2005)
Hoosac Wind:  Located in Unknown, United States
Horizon Industries:  An AE retailer in Escondido, California
Hot Box Solar:  The HOTBOX Solar Heater reflects the sun's light energy and changes it into heat energy. This thermal energy can then be used to provide heat.  Located in Elmira Heights, New York
Hot Sun Industries Inc:  Located in San Diego, California
How To Use AmorphoUS Solar Cells - Jeremy Cooper:   
Howard Alan Architects:  Located in Chicago, Illinois
Hzw Environmental Consultants Inc:  Located in Ohio, United States
Ibex Manufacturing Inc:  Located in Francestown, New Hampshire
Icp:  manufacturer of solar chargers for car batteries. 
Icp Global Technologies:  Manufactures a range of small to medium photovoltaic panels and portably solar battery chargers. Complete line of solar panels, powered battery maintainers and chargers for cars, trucks, boats, and RV's.
Icp Solar Technologies Portable Power Systems:   
Ida Tech Llc:  Fuel Cells and reformers
Ihomelinecom:  New Home and Remodeling Information Guide.  / (added 09/2005)
Illinois Power Company:  Located in Illinois, United States
In Hot Water Heat And Power:  Design and sell heating and power systems for all sizes of homes and buildings.
Incandescent Replacement Technologies :  LEDs, LED replacement modules for flashlights, LED striplights and worklights, and more.  / (added 09/2005)
Independent Energy Solutions:  Located in San Marcos, California
Independent Natural Resources:   
Independent Power & Light:  David Palumbo's AE business in Hyde Park, Vermont
Independent Power Providers (Ipp) :  A non-profit organization dedicated to small-scale energy producers. State and Federal law info, net metering, list of qualified installers, links, and more. 
Independent Power Systems:  Located in Smithville Flats, New York
Indianapolis Power & Light Company:  Located in Indianapolis, Indiana
Industrial Company Tic:  Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado /  (added 09/2005)
Industrial Solar Technology:  Manufactures solar collectors for both industrial and residential use. Included are troughs, flat plate and photovoltaic solar energy collectors. / (added 09/2005)
Infiltecs List Of Blower Door Analysts And Contractors :   
Infinigi - Infinite Energy Solutions:  Aggressive prices on solar panels, wind turbines, charge controllers, inverters, and other renewable and energy efficient products.
Infinity Fuel Cell & Hydrogen:  Located in Suffield, Connecticut
Info On Building Integral Solar And Wind Power Systems:  illustrates & analyzes conventional and new installations. Includes UPS and off-grid systems, with RPM's Flywheel Battery. Also EV info.
Intellidyne Llc:  Intellidyne, LLC is a privately held New York company located in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, specializing in the development, manufacture, and marketing of leading-edge energy saving products for the heating, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration markets.
Intermountain Solar Technologies:  Alternative energy solutions.
International Applied Engineering:  International Applied Engineering, Inc. (IAE) is dedicated to providing experienced professional engineering services in the specialized areas of energy production, project development and environmental planning. People worldwide seeking engineering assistance to meet energy development needs and to preserve and enhance the environment recognize the value of IAE's expert services. IAE is a multi-discipline consulting engineering firm specializing in environmental and energy production applications. In addition to plans and studies, IAE provides consulting engineering services to clients throughout the project life cycle. IAE offers professional planning and engineering expertise covering a broad range of assignments from concept to trouble shooting and root cause determination to repowering and system upgrades. Located in Marietta, Georgia
International Fuel Cells Llc :  Designs, develops, and manufactures fuel cell power plants, focusing on PEM fuel cells in transportation, stationary and portable applications. / (added 09/2005)
International Solar Electric Technology :  Provider of expertise in the general field of photovoltaics including consulting and installation.
Inverter Doctor:   
Inverters R US :  Specializes in high quality, low cost power inverters. Modified sine wave, pure sine wave, 12 volt, 24 volt and inverters with chargers. 25 to 5000 watts. Free information and FAQs.  / (added 09/2005)
Ion Power Inc:  Located in Bear, Delaware
Iowa Thin Film Technologies:  Located in Iowa, United States
Island Energy:  Located in Mare Island, California
Island Energy Solutions:  Island Energy Solutions, Inc. is an electrical contracting company based out of Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. We install solar electric systems and ed.  Located in Kailua, Hawaii
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