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Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

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La Sunpower :  Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System Design and Installation in the Los Angeles area. Lots of online information regarding the economics of switching a grid-powered house to solar, and environmental benefits. 
Lake Country Power:  Located in Kettle River, Minnesota
Lake Macquariecommunications:  Sell a range of 2 way radios, solar panels and related equipment.
Lake Michigan Wind And Sun:  They provide parts for small wind turbines and still support the old pre REA Jacobs and Wincharger lines as well as most currently USA produced wind turbines. Parts they can provide include props, brushes, bearings, towers and tower tops. Excellent wind power resource. 
Lake Superior Renewable Energy:  An AE retailer in Duluth, Minnesota
Land And Sea Solar:  Web site features informative pages on grid-tie systems, energy conservation, small-scale off-grid systems and helpful links. / (added 09/2005)
Landmark Landscape:  Landmark Landscape is an ecological landscape firm that provides the highest quality landscape services available for homeowners and businesses in Sheboygan and the surrounding area. We host an expert staff of landscape designers, horticulturists, arborists, and landscape artisans who specialize in native landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Located in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.
Larsen Engineers:  Consulting firm offers general civil and environmental engineering services, including storm water management, highway and bridge engineering, and renewable energy services. Includes client list and project portfolio.
LazarUS & Associates Ltd:   
Ldk Consultants Engineers And Planners:  LDK is an independent consulting company, providing services including pre-investment analysis, appraisals, detailed design, technical assistance, project management, and evaluation.  LDK has seven primary divisions: Program & Project Management and Evaluations, Planning, Communication & Organization of Events, Energy Consulting, Environmental Consulting, Private Sector Development, and Building & Infrastructure.  / (added 09/2005)
Le Boisé Alternatives:  a Canadian alternative energy company located in the Outaouais (Québec) / Ottawa (Ontario) region. The web site is bilingual and also documents the on-going construction of their off-grid log homestead.
Leading Outdoor Technology Supply:  Dealer of RE products, including inverters, solar panels, and portable power units. /  (added 09/2005)
Led Enterprises:  Located in Dallas, Texas
Led Light Led Lighting Products:  Online Catalog of white LED and Luxeon Star, Inova X5 flashlights, White LED light fixtures, Light Emitting Diodes, LED Lamps, LED bulbs, Solar Power Stations and Solar fans.  /  (added 09/2005)
Led Store:  The LED Store delivers the most powerful light output possible without the use of standard incandescent light bulbs found in run-of-the-mill discount retail flashlights. Enter the LED Flashlight. Our online catalog offers an impressive range of powerful, energy saving led flashlights that will be kind to your battery budget. Check us out today! /  (added 09/2005)
Leveredge:  Located in Tampa, Florida /  (added 09/2005)
Liberty Graphics:  uses water-based inks to print science and nature designs on quality t-shirts. Many designs are also available on organic tees.
Lighting Resource:  The Lighting Resource is a small commercial clearinghouse for vendors of efficient lighting products. Affiliated with Lighting in Canada.  The Lighting Resource also maintains links to lighting equipment vendors.  /  (added 09/2005)
Lightingcomponents Led Corp:  LC LED provides the most powerful white LED light output possible and is the perfect substitute for incandescent light bulbs found in run-of-the-mill discount retail flashlights. Our online catalog offers an impressive range of powerful, energy efficient LED lighting solutions at competitive prices. Visit us out today! / (added 09/2005)
Lynntech Inc :  Provider of research and development services specializing in electrochemistry, fuel cells, water purification and medical equipment. The company is also a reseller of fuel cell test stations and ozone generators.
Madison Environmental:  Madison Environmental Group is an interdisciplinary consulting firm assisting businesses and individuals with innovative resource and cost saving solutions, which contribute, to a healthy community and environment.
Majorpower Corporation:  Online suppliers of inverters, battery chargers and uninterrupted power supplies. Specializing in frequency, phase and DC converters, voltage, surge protection, solar and wind energy. / (added 09/2005)
Malibu Water:  Providing Farm Pond Aeration Systems, Windmill, Electric, Solar Power and water treatment systems. 
Manhattan Scientifics:   
March Solar:  Clean, Silent, Electricity from the Sun.
Marine Development Associates Inc.:   
Marine Temperature Systems:  Located in Westbury, New York
Mark Snyder Electric:  Alternative energy component sales, service, appliances, compost toilets. Also: introduction of a water-pumping windmill that produces electricity as well.
Marlec Engineering Co Ltd:  wind power generators solar energy alternative energy battery charging for all environments in the world.
Masonry Heaters Association:   
Masonry Stove Builders:  Stay warm with just one small fire a day
Mastervolt International:  Energy solutions in industrial, mobile, marine and renewable energy applications.
Mastervolt Solar:  Manufacturer of grid-connected and stand-alone PV inverters in range from 100 W to 25 kW. 
Material World:  Suzy Banks' overview guide to green building materials 
Maya Solar:  Distributors for BP, Siemens, and UNISOLAR photovoltaic modules and control gear. Also a large selection of solar powered lamps, lanterns, fountains, radios and torches. 
Mayflower Trading Co:  Alternative energy (solar power, wind, and hydro power), generators, inverters, charge controllers, solar modules, solar panels, composting toilets, storable food, emergency kits, books, and energy-saving appliances. Also have articles on self-reliant living.
Mb Technical Services:  Located in Long Beach, California
Mechanical Energy Systems:  Power ready systems, pool heating, solatubes, .. / (added 09/2005)
Megasun Solar Systems:  Manufacturers and exporters of hot water solar systems, panels, collectors and water heaters.
Megawatt Motorworks:  an electric vehicle information site with EV-related news, links to hundreds of electric vehicle websites, an online store for books and plans, and more.
Meridian Energy Systems:  A full-service alternative energy company dedicated to the implementation of quality alternative energy systems. / (added 09/2005)
Meta Efficient:  A Guide to the Most Efficient Things in the World. We provide independent reviews of meta-efficient products and techniques.
Mhs Solar:  An AE retailer in Alexandria, Virginia
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