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Renewable Energy Products & Services
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

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Hotlinks to Additional Internet Resources:
Radiant Barrier And Ridge-And-Soffit Venting:   
Radiant Floorcompany:   
Radiantec-Radiant Warm Floors Or Total Heating:  STEP Warmfloor, a patented, low-voltage, electrically resistive heating element using the latest technology of self-regulating conductive polymers. The nature of the plastic material automatically reduces or increases its heat output to adjust to temperature changes. The system is safe, cannot overheat, is very energy efficient and easy to install. / (added 09/2005)
Rainbow Powercompany Ltd :  manufactures a range of renewable energy equipment including a micro-hydro generator and sine wave inverter. It also provides consulting and training services and specializes in village electrification and development.
Rainshadow Inc :  distributes DC circuit breakers and over current protection devices to the renewable power and electric vehicle industries. / (added 09/2005)
Raintree Electronics And Solar:  Remote area power supplies for the Wide Bay and Sunshine coast areas. Includes history, solar panels, batteries, frame mountings, regulators and controllers, cables, inverters, and computers.
Rainwater Harvesting Guide:   
Ram Products Limited:  Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin
Ramco Power Systems:  Located in Pineville, Louisiana
Rare Earth Magnets :  very good prices and wide selection of neodymium magnets in any quantity from very small to very large. 
Rch Fan Works:  DC ceiling fans
Re Solar:  Installer and component retailer. No online catalog. / (added 09/2005)
Reading Municipal Light Department:  Located in Reading, Massachusetts
Rebuild America Business Partners:  Located in Rockville, Maryland
Rechargeable Batterty Recycling Program:  Located in Atlanta, Georgia
Recovered Energy Inc:  Located in Pocatello, Idaho
Recycleworks:  Located in California, United States
Red Rock Energy Heliostats:  High Powered Heliostat Array Concentrating Solar Collectors
Reliant Energy Retail Services:  Located in Houston, Texas
Relion :  High reliability PEM fuel cells.
Renasci:  Located in Minnesota, United States
Renewable Electricity Solutions:  Dealer of renewable electricity products (solar, wind, hydro, and accessories). Information site on renewable energy, conservation, and electric automobiles.
Renewable Energy Concepts:  Solar panels, solar kits, gadgets, wind turbines, wind kits, chargers, racks, inverters, batteries, refrigerators, .. / (added 09/2005)
Renewable Energy Development Institute:  Located in Willits, California
Renewable Energy Information In Portuguese :  We can't read it, but if you speak Portuguese this looks like a good site!  / (added 09/2005)
Renewable Energy Systems (Usa) Inc:  Located in Austin, Texas
Renewable Energy Systems Ltd:  Provider of skills and expertise to develop and build renewable energy projects internationally.
Renewable Energy Works:  Located in New York, United States
Renewable Technologies Inc :  Provides design, engineering, sales, installation, and service of alternative energy systems, including solar, photovoltaic and thermal, wind turbines, hydrogen fuel cells, back up power systems, stand-by generators, inverters, hydro-generators, and batteries.
Renova Lighting Systems Inc:  Located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Repower Solutions:  Northeast Ohio's renewable energy installer for home and business. Design, installation, and education for PV and wind systems. NABCEP certified installer. 
Repower Systems :   
Reunion Power Llc:  Located in Montvale, New Jersey
Revco Solar Engineering Inc:  Located in Laguna Hills, California
Rezachek & Associates:  Information on ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) and related activities, including cold climate agriculture, mariculture, potable water production, ...
Richmond Power And Light:  Located in Richmond, Indiana
Rick Electric:  Located in Minnesota, United States
Righthand Engineering:  bringing together both usable and sustainable technologies by allowing control and monitor of renewable energy systems via PCs. / (added 09/2005)
Rising Waters:  Located in San Francisco, California
Rms Electric Inc:  Located in Boulder, Colorado
Rochester Gas And Electric Corporation:  Located in Rochester, New York
Rocky Grove Suncompany:  Solar modules, wind & hydro, appropriate technology products.
Roi Energy Solutions:  ROI Energy Solutions is an Renewable Energy Services Company that provides wind power, solar PV and Hydrogen Fuel Cell solutions.  Located in Wentzville, Missouri
Rokas Group:  Metal Industry, specialized on the construction of steel structures and the development of renewable energy sources in Greece.
Rollix-Defontaine :   
Rolls Battery Engineering:  a manufacture of high quality deep cycle, lead-acid batteries engineered for most renewable energy uses. With a line of dual container, non-breakable batteries up to 1104ah. Located in Salem, Massachusetts
Roofing:    /  (added 09/2005)
Rosendin Electric Inc:  Located in San Jose, California
Roxtec International Ab :   
Rsp Architects:  Located in Minnesota, United States
Rv Solar Energy:  Located in Bend, Oregon
Rwe Schott Solar Inc:  With over 30 years of experience, RWE SCHOTT Solar (RSS) is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, installation and support of complete solar energy systems. RSS combines clear technical leadership in solar module manufacturing with extensive engineering abilities and dedicated customer service to create high-performance photovoltaic power systems for a wide variety of requirements / (added 09/2005)
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