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Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

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Sacramento Ethanol And Power Cogeneration Plant (Sepco):  Being developed by the California Energy Commission Renewable Energy Call Center / (added 09/2005)
Safe Climate:  A project of World Resources Institute with climate change news and actions. 
Scat (Solar Composting Advanced Toilet):  The Solar Composting Advanced Toilet is designed to recycle human excrement and urine into a relatively dry and deodorized compost, which can be safely and easily applied to the immediately surrounding landscape.  The S.C.A.T. is a self-contained freestanding structure using inexpensive convenient organic materials such as peat moss or sawdust to promote effective composting. Earthworms provide mixing and aeration, eliminating the need for a rotating drum. A durable watertight plastic bin in the solar chamber has enough capacity for 4-6 persons in daily use. Easy access to the compost bin simplifies emptying at 6-12 month intervals, depending on loading. /  (added 09/2005)
Schott Applied Power:  is a national installer/dealer of renewable energy products.
Sci (Specialty Concepts Inc):  Specialty Concepts manufactures the broadest line of electronics for photovoltaic systems in the world
Scientific Software Group:  Scientific Software Group provides groundwater, surface-water, air pollution, bioremediation, geology and other environmental software products and related services to engineers, public utilities, universities, and industrial clients, as well as Federal, State, and local governments.  
Sdscooters:  supplier of quality electric scooters, electric scooter and EV parts, with scooter modification how to's and an extensive scooter comparison chart and buyers guide.
Sea Power International Ab:  Swedish company that has developed electrical generators powered by ocean waves called Floating Wave Powered Vessels. Information about the company and the concept. In English and Swedish. 
Seawest Windpower Inc:  SeaWest WindPower Inc. is the largest independent developer of utility scale wind power projects in the world. Utilizing a turnkey approach, SeaWest provides Project Development, Construction Management, Project Finance, and Operations and Maintenance. Located in San Diego, California
Sebago Energy Conservation Corp:  Located in Connecticut, United States
Second Wind Inc :  Provider of energy monitoring products. Located in Somerville, Massachusetts
Select Solar:  Sells 12V charging kits for boats and caravans, garden lights, torches, phone chargers and electrical accessories, as well as framed and flexible panels.
Sepco:  Located in Stuart, Florida
Seraphim Electric Co:  provides quality RE installations in the Columbia River Watershed between Oregon and Washington.  Located in Goldendale, Washington
Seventh Generation:  Seventh Generation offers a complete line of non-toxic household products. All of our products are designed to work as well as their traditional counterparts, but use renewable, non-toxic, phosphate free and biodegradable ingredients, and are never tested on animals. They are as gentle on the planet as they are on people and they donít create fumes or leave residues that may affect the health of your family or your pets. Located in Middleton, Wisconsin / (added 09/2005)
Seventh Generation Energy Systems:  At Seventh Generation Energy, we offer you the resources and skills to produce clean energy from the wind and sun. We believe the energy choices we make today must be sensible, economic and durable. We also know that our energy decisions affect, not only our future, but also the future of generations yet to come.  Worldwide, the demand for electricity is ever growing. At Seventh Generation Energy, we believe that renewable energy is the best resource option to safeguard the environment, empower communities, vitalize local economies, create skilled jobs and respect the rights of future generations.   Located in Belleville, Wisconsin
Sharp Solar:  Sharp is the #1 manufacturer of solar cells worldwide with nearly as much generating capacity as the next three largest manufacturers combined. Our residential solar systems give families the ability to generate their own electricity from the inexhaustible energy of the sun - with no harmful emissions. They're cost-effective, quiet, attractive, safe, and reliable, with only minimal maintenance required over their long operational life. They're the right choice for your home and the right choice for the environment. It's no wonder why so many homeowners are making the move to Sharp Solar. 
Shop Ideas Networks Llc:  Many have considered our specialized air purifier store the online leading source for home air purifiers, HEPA Filters and commercial air cleaners products for many years. We offer only proven to work technologies. We test, rate and review all the purifier models and technologies we bring to you. Whether you are on the lookout for asthma control, sinus relief, allergy prevention or how to neutralize mold or pollen, you will find the correct product for your needs.  / (added 09/2005)
Shuksan Energy Consulting:  Shuksan Energy is a leading US consultancy aiding Commercial and industrial clients with the design and implementation of renewable energy procurement.  Located in Mukilteo, Washington
Shurflo Pump Manufacturingcompany:  All kinds of AC/DC hi/lo voltage pumps
Siemens Usa:  Corporate information and background on Siemens USA products and services are available on this site.  Not only does Siemens promote internal practices resulting in greater energy efficiency and less environmental impact, but it also undertakes R&D and provides products in the fields of energy, transportation, and clean air to enable others to pursue such goals.  
Sierra Solar Systems:  Sierra Solar Systems is a service oriented consultation and retail headquarters. We pride ourselves on a highly trained and experienced technical staff, combined with a swift and efficient shipping department, and unexcelled customer service. Located in Grass Valley, California
Silicon Solar:  manufactures solar cells and panels, as well as battery chargers, rechargeable batteries, and solar kits.  Located in Sidney, New York
Skylight Guy :  Specializing in tubular skylights and solar attic fans. Tubular skylights install just like a stovepipe, making skylight installation simple.  /  (added 09/2005)
Sma America:  With many different inverter models to choose from, in a variety of output power ranges, you can now create grid interactive power plants as small as 500 Watts up to or larger than 1,000,000 Watts. SMA has also developed new central inverters for the large commercial or industrial solar plants, as well as a battery inverter for the off-grid and backup power markets. Located in Grass Valley, California
Small Is Profitable:  Located in Colorado, United States
Small Parts Inc  :  does not have much online, but you MUST order their catalog if you are a home brewer. They have bearings, springs, tubes, metals and other parts you will not find anywhere else in one spot. They can even do custom fabrication for you at reasonable rates for those big projects (but they only make small parts! I asked them to do some steel disk work for me once and they replied that was too big! See Paradise Water Jet below). 
Smart Power Systems:  Smart Power Systems, Inc. designs, develops and distributes power systems for all types of applications. When the company first began, it centered more so on static inverters, however has since expanded its product base. Now the company has a new set of small, compact set of power systems on the market today for commercial, industry, and defense use. Located in Baltimore, Maryland / (added 09/2005)
Snorkel Stovecompany:  Not a necessity, but hot tubing for us off-the-girders / (added 09/2005)
Snow Solar Systems:  Installs systems with photovoltaic panels and inverters for residential, school, and small business applications in the East Bay counties of California. Includes photos of previous installations. / (added 09/2005)
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