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Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

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Spectrolab Inc:  A leading manufacturer of space solar cells and panels. Products include terrestrial concentrator solar cells and modules, searchlight systems, solar simulators and optoelectronic products such as pigtailed photodetector packages, devices and epitaxial wafers. Includes product data sheets and online store. Located in Sylmar, California
Spire Corporation:  Located in Bedford, Massachusetts
Staber Washing Machines:  are the most efficient washers available based on energy, water, and detergent usage.
Statpower:  Maker of all sizes of inverters
Steam And Control Systems Inc :  Engineering firm, which designs and builds plants to produce energy from renewable biomass fuels including wood waste, rice hulls, biogases and paper mill sludge.
Steamboating Magazine :  provides information on how to acquire, build, operate, maintain, and enjoy a steam-powered vessel for steamboat owners, builders, and dreamers. 
Stella Group:  Located in Washington DC, United States
Stellar Sun:  Located in Arkansas, United States
Step Warmfloor™:  STEP Warmfloor™ is a strong, flexible, thin plastic heating mat, made of an innovative polymer blend that heats. It has the unique ability to self-regulate and cannot overheat. STEP Warmfloor™ operates on low-voltage and is normally connected to a 24-volt transformer, but can also be run by solar or wind-power source. 
Stiebel Eltron Inc :  Manufacturer of tankless water heaters, hand dryers, solar panels, and electric thermal night storage heaters. German based company-providing products for commercial and residential use. / (added 09/2005)
Stilwell Solar:  Located in Fort Myers, Florida
Stirling Energy Systems Inc:  Developer and owner of alternative energy solutions using solar, wind, clean and green energy. Includes corporate overview and news.
Strategies Unlimited :  Provider of market research reports, analysis, newsletters, and custom studies for industries including optoelectronic, photovoltaic, and wireless components industry.
Structural Wall Panels:   
Submeter Utilities With Pc:  Submeter shows you where ELECTRIC POWER goes in your apartment building, office, marina, or RV park! Do you have a "smart house"? A submitter can track all of your branch circuits and report power anomalies. If you need to submitter 12 outlets at a marina, 50 golf carts, or 200 motel rooms, this is the cheapest method you will find anywhere! DO YOU WANT TO ALLOCATE HVAC FUEL COSTS? - Simply use the same 16 little current sensors to pick up the individual T-stat calls. See other clever application notes archived on this site.  / (added 09/2005)
Sun Electronics:  The best prices in the Alternative Energy Industry. We have a warehouse in Miami, full of solar panels, inverters, wind generators, cabling, batteries, and any other alternative energy product you will ever need, ready to deliver anywhere in the world / (added 09/2005)
Sun Frost:  maker of very efficient refrigerators both for on and off grid. 
Sun Light & Power:  Located in California, United States
Sun Mate Corporation:  specializing in solar-powered consumer products such as radios, hats, and battery chargers, as well as solar panel, cells, and Bill Nye the Science Guy kits. 
Sun Trapper Solar Systems :  Designer and manufacturer of solar products for heating water.
Sun Works Company:  Wouldn't it be nice to heat your pool invisibly . . . for four to five extra months per year and at the same time save fuel costs?
Sun Works Solar Electricity For Everyone:  We have been selling and installing Solar Energy Systems since 1986. We specialize in Solarizing Recreational Vehicles and more recently Grid Tie residential and industrial solar electrical systems. We also have solar fountains pre-packaged.
Sunamp Power Company Inc:  Biodiesel Solar, Wind hybrid energy systems engineering.  Located in Phoenix, Arizona
Sunboxpower :  is an international renewable electrical energy consultants that can take projects from feasibility study to final commission. / (added 09/2005)
Sundance Solar:  Solar panels, battery charges, radios, solar toys, garden lights,  ..
Sundance Supply:  building materials for greenhouses, sunrooms and solariums. 
Sundwel Solar Ltd:  Manufacture and supply solar panels. Product and contact details.
Sunearth Inc:  Established in 1978, SunEarth is a leading American manufacturer of solar thermal collectors, systems and ancillary components.
Sunlight Electric Llc:  Located in San Francisco, California
Sunlight Solar Energy:  Solar panels, charge controllers or charge regulators, DC disconnects, inverters, meters, fuses, sensors, wind generators or wind turbines, batteries, battery accessories, solar water pumps, energy efficient AC and DC lights, solar cookers, DC generators, electric bicycles, solar cookbooks,..
Sunlit Systems:  Solar systems, residential and commercial; consumer products; energy analysis; installations; financing. Fuel cells. / (added 09/2005)
Sunnybrook Environmental: Your Source For The Finest Natural And Environmentally Friendly Products :  available. Personal care, indoor home and outdoor home and garden care products featuring Brill luxus lawn mowers
Sunnyday:  Italian manufacturers of uncovered, flexible solar panels made from polypropylene compounds.
Sunnyside Solar Inc :  Provider of photovoltaic solar electric systems. / (added 09/2005)
Sunpumps:  Located in Safford, Arizona
Sunrise Solar:  "Self-Reliant Living is an elevated quality of life providing peace, comfort, and savings through resource management."  Located in St. Anthony, Idaho
Sunrise Solar - Solar Powered Attic Fac:  The environmentally friendly way to cool and protect your attic and roof  / (added 09/2005)
Sunshine Solar:  UK suppliers of solar products including battery savers, solar panels, laptop chargers and accessories. List of products and costs.
Sunstar Precision Energy Corporation :  Provider of equipment that can generate and control electrical energy.
Sunstoves & Gravity Water System:  SCRAP MATERIALS MAKE CLEANER AIR & WATER Free instructions for a hand built panel solar cookers and a gravity water system using local materials. 1,400 water systems were built since 1980 and 10,000 solar cookers that were sold for cost. 
Suntara Energy :  Supplier of alternative energy equipment and supplies including solar panels and wind generators.
Survival Method:  Your source for survival products and survival-related material. Also working to establish a thriving community of survivalists to congregate and learn from one another. / (added 09/2005)
Susitna Energy Systems:  Solar, water and wind energy systems and components. Heating, lighting, fans, appliances.
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