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Self-Sufficient Living

What is Self-Sufficient Living?
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Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

A yo-yo/MP3 player complete with wireless headset and docking station
Aquaskipper: Human Powered Flying on Water:  Marketplace-available gadget allows you to have fun and exercise on the water without any wind.
Clinton Global Initiative Gets US$2 Billion in Pledges to Fight World Woes: US First Lady, Laura Bush, announced the first commitment: US$10 million from the US government to kick-start a US$60 million public/private project to build children's merry-go-rounds in Africa, which pump clean drinking water into a storage tank.
Foot-Powered Generator Patented: Great Systems, Inc.'s Energy Generation and Storage System (US Patent 7,009,350) can be used indoors, generating up to 1000 Watts using body kinetics, or leg muscle power (or other inputs), to charge a unique spring system that slowly unwinds and spins a high efficiency generator.
Penn biologists invent power-generating backpack: The "Suspended-load Backpack" converts mechanical energy from walking into electricity -- up to 7.4 Watts -- more than enough energy to power portable electronic devices for soldiers, field researchers or disaster relief-workers.
Using Gym Rats' Body Power to Generate Electricity: A health club in Hong Kong is hoping that a car battery, some StairMasters and dozens of gym rats can help ease the world's energy problems.
Yo-Yo Powered MP3 Player: The inventors estimate that between 10-12 tosses per hour are sufficient for continuous music play. A wireless headset allows the user to listen to music while yo-yoing.

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