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Self-Sufficient Living   
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Self-Sufficient Living

What is Self-Sufficient Living?
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Organic Gardening (Grow your Own Veggies)

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Self-Sufficient Living
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

What does it mean to be self-sufficient?  

For some the simple answer is taking care of ones self.  For others, it is more extreme.  They want to live without the help of others.   The purpose of this section is as a resource for those who desire to live in between these two ideas.

I have often thought that I would like to turn back time and find some acreage where I could grow my own food.  Don't know that I would raise cows, chickens or pigs.  Just having a garden with fresh organic vegetables could be wonderful.

It was just a few generations ago that our grandmothers or great-grandmothers made quilts to keep warm, sewed clothes, made jams & jellies, made soap and made those homemade berry pies.

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Links to being self-sufficient

50 Things You can do to be Self-Sufficient:  How, where and what you do to become self-sufficient is a personal choice. Doing as much as you can yourself in the environment you live is a noble goal. It takes time and discipline to reach your goals but once they are reached it can be quite liberating. Here's a list of things you can do (some big, some small) to become more self-sufficient. You will find that most of these tips will save you money and are good for the environment. Saving money comes hand in hand with self-sufficiency. Your labor is much cheaper than someone else's.
NEW  EcoDirect is committed to empowering individuals, communities and businesses with products that will create a clean, efficient energy economy and a sustainable future that will enhance the lives of generations to come. EcoDirect believes that by reducing energy consumption and generating clean, distributed, renewable energy we can achieve that goal.
Nurture Nature while the Sun Shines: In part, being self sufficient means not having to buy in so many goods (or services) from outside. Not only is it cheaper, but traceability becomes less of an issue.
Self-Reliance & Survival: Backwoods Home Magazine Practical ideas - Free articles
What and Who is Self-Sufficient?:  The concept of self-sufficiency, so central in the debate about the future of our planet, is as rich and complex as the debate itself. It involves the natural world, human culture, economics of oil and labor, population politics, and much more. But first of all, it involves people.

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Self-Sufficient Living  
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