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What is Solar Energy?
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Links to Information about Solar Energy
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Solar Panels for Homes
Provides the resources you need when considering a residential solar photovoltaic system. We provide information on how to perform a site evaluation, compare the different solar technologies available, and keep you informed of the latest trends in the industry.

The Kosmer Solar House Project -- The Passive Solar Home
John Kosmer  built a new traditional style 4000 sq. ft. passive solar home for $125.00 a sq. ft. that heats for $2.50 a day ($900-1200 a year in the cold Upstate, NY region).  The website explains how the home was built and how it functions. This home, heated by the sun, cost about the same a comparable size new ENERGY STAR qualified home but uses less than 70% of the energy of that comparable new home. 80% is possible if this home was not in the Snow Belt in and had regular height ceilings.

A Consumer's Guide, Get Your Energy From The Sun :  Free publication from the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Division 
A Review Of Solar Food Drying:   
A Solar Ammonia Absorption Ice Maker:   
ABRASO SL:  Thermic Solar-Integrated System 150 Liters
AGL Solar Solutions: With AGL, you can capture the energy of the sun to reduce your electricity costs and help the environment. Thatís real power. And itís available to homes and businesses now.
Absorption Of Solar Energy By Different Colors:  A simple experiment testing the effect color has on the absorption and reflection of solar energy.
Accelerating PV Markets In Developing Countries:  by Michael Philips and Brooks H. Browne
Allen & Pats Earthship:  Information about Earthship construction, alternative housing, rammed earth, old worn out tires, aluminum cans, solar energy, renewables, recycling, sustainability, and clean living.
An Introduction To Solar Power:  A paper that provides a general overview of solar power, including the latest solar technologies, cost, and commercial players.
Anderson Energy Group L C :  Commercial thermal solar energy, storage, and self-tracking system.
Apex Distribution:  Specializing in the importing and distribution of products that include ozone air purifiers, massage, solar energy and beauty products.
Are There Different Types Of Technologies Associated With Solar Power?:   
ATD Solar & Security:  Installer of 3M Sun Control Window Film for homeowners and commercial facilities. Includes company information, FAQ, and energy tips.
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program :   
Aurora Vehicle Association Inc:  Aurora Energy is the region's premier solar supplier. As a design-build contractor, we specialize in custom turnkey solutions to your solar energy needs. Our staff has installed hundreds of solar energy systems with over 30 years combined experience in both the residential and commercial sectors. We are fully licensed, insured, and certified.
Australian Academy Of Science:   Intro to Solar Energy
Australian Solar And Air:  Energy efficient solar water heating equipment, including household and swimming pools in conjunction with solar electric.
Backwards To The Future Solar Energy Systems:  supplier and contractor installer of vacuum tube heat pipe technology. 
Beijing Enpower Solar Energy Industry Co Ltd:  Develops and manufactures heat collecting pipe for use in solar energy water heater series products. Includes pictures of products and specifications. Located in Daxing.
Birds Of The Six Waters:  International environmental consultancy offering services in developing sustainable projects. Describes expertise and services in areas including soil conservation, fish propagation for aquaculture, recycling, energy re-use, solar power, and eco-friendly irrigation system design.
Blending Wind And Solar Into The Diesel Generator Market (Winter 2001) :  Diesel generators are a significant source of air pollution in the United States. This is the first and most comprehensive look at dieselís environmental impacts and recommended renewable energy solutions.
Borealis Photon Chips :   
BP Solarex :  Details of British Petroleum's photovoltaic module manufacturing activities, now owned like Solarex below by BP/Amoco.
Bredondale Solar:  Supplies and installs solar energy products which significantly reduce both pollution of the environment and the expenditure on conventional fuels.
Bright Future For Hawaiis Energy Pioneers:  News Article about hydrogen, wind and solar companies in Hawaii.
Build It Solar:   helps people with DIY skills who have no solar experience to build successful solar projects. 
California PTC Ratings:  Power output ratings for hundreds of different PV modules for the California solar rebate program.
Can Renewables Sustain Affluent Society?:  Considers a few renewable energy sources, then addresses 'the storage problem'. Considers batteries, crushed rock, solar ponds, pumped hydro, hydrogen and thermochemical.
Canadian Outdoor Technologies:  The company sells marine equipment and boat care products and provides solar energy solutions.
Carleton Place High School Solar Team:  Dedicated to the design, construction, and teamwork behind the winning model solar car from CPHS. 
Cenergia Energy Consultants:  Cenergia performs analysis and design of solar low-energy buildings incorporating ecological measures, optimising ventilation system, etc. (Danish and English)
Center For Astrophysics & Space Sciences:  An interdisciplinary research unit for research and graduate study in astronomy, astrophysics, and space sciences. Areas of specialization include high-energy astrophysics, optical and ultraviolet astronomy, infrared astronomy, radio astronomy, theoretical astrophysics, cosmology, solar physics, space plasma physics, interferometry, and astronomical instrumentation.
Central American Solar Energy Project:  promotes the construction and use of solar cookers by supporting community projects in Central America. 
Central Solar Systems:  Sales, installation and service of energy efficient products, including solar and heat pump hot water heaters. Also providing heating solutions for swimming pools and spas.
Centre For Sustainable Energy Systems:  The Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSES) at the Australian National University (ANU) is a leader in photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal energy. The Centre has 40 staff and research students. Its work covers the spectrum from basic R&D through to commercial contract research.
China Diesel:  Specializing in diesel generators, and other alternative energy sources including solar, wind and waterpower, inverters and battery backup.
Citipower:  Online services such as connections, billing and payment, energy efficiency, and education. Also offers renewable energy, including solar, wind, hydro and biomass. Australian company.
Codes & Standards:  Most by John Wiles. Articles and information on the NEC Code as it applies to solar electric systems. Many of the articles have appeared in Home Power Magazine.
Collector Systems:   
Concentrating Solar Power Program:  this is the home page of this new Program from the US Department of Energy.
Concentrating Solar Systems:  Using the sun's heat to produce electricity.
Connect Energy:  Manufactures photovoltaic charge controllers, and accessories. PWM regulation power centers for solar, wind, hydro, alternative energy. Also sold under the Pulse Energy name.  Located in Grass Valley, California
Conserv A Store:  Energy and resource-saving products, including electrical, solar, plumbing, and a large number of other eco-friendly items.
Cooperativecommunity Energy :   
Creative Energies A Renewable Energycompany:  new link -- Wyomingís full-service renewable energy company featuring solar, wind, and water solutions for business and residential customers.
Deep Underground Science And Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL):  Lead, SD. Specific basic research topics include solar, atmospheric, long-baseline, supernova and high-energy astrophysical neutrinos; double beta decay; and precision assay of radionucleides.
Deluge Inc:  offers thermal hydraulic engines to replace electric motors, steam turbines, and other engines in any application.
Dennis Davey AIA:  On-line design services. Custom design house plans, specializing in solar energy, energy conservation and affordable housing.
DOE Photovoltaic Energy:  Online documents pertaining to photovoltaic energy, solar power, solar cells, and other related subjects.

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