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Solar Videos
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

Wind and Solar Energy How-To
From:  billypopp

Video description of how I've setup a solar / wind electric generating system for the first time. This is to power a radio tower in Enfield Maine. But, it could apply to any solar power or wind power application.

Spray-On Solar-Power Cells
Are True Breakthrough

From:  snarfelhamana

Ted Sargent is a pioneer in solar science. He's working on solar technology that could literally be woven into every aspect of daily life, from our clothes to our roads, using what is known as a spray-on solar cell. The implications for our energy systems are profound. As Ted says, "Solar energy is not just an exciting science problem, but an incredibly important human problem."

For more information:
Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough


Largest Solar Field In The World
From:  videosphere

The largest photo-voltaic installation in the world is located near Arnstein, Germany. While visiting my family, my friend Sepp offered to take us there, a short distance from Schweinfurt.

For more information:
A sunny solar farm

Energy Innovations on Discovery Channel
From:  stoopidutoobname

Here's the EI spot that aired on Discovery. EI is a cutting edge hitech company that is revolutionizing the solar power industry with their concentrating system.

Solar Air Conditioning
From:  tculhane

This video starts with a visual montage of the sheer number of air conditioners used on our street in Cairo, Egypt, describing them as energy parasites that actually increase the heat of the surrounding air. It then shows the vacuum tube heat pipe solar absorption cooling air conditioning system installed by solar engineer Les Hamasaki at the Debs Park Audubon Environmental Center in Los Angeles. Les Hamasaki describes the 10-ton solar chiller and we conclude with a note about how solar chillers not only eliminate the need for air conditioners,...

Solar House Lights
From:  wheels773

I turned on all the lights so I could get video of the house at night. About 15 lights on, drawing less power than 2-60 watt incandescent bulbs. My solar system made about 3000 watts of electricity on this hazy day.

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