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Fuel & Hydrogen Cells -- Renewable Energy Products & Services
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:30 AM

Sources for Fuel & Hydrogen Cells

Acta:  European firm manufacturing hydrogen, alcohol, ethanol and methanol fuel cell batteries. Company presentation and details of the technology.

Acumentrics Corporation:  Develops and markets solid oxide fuel cell systems for power backup and distributed power generation. Company profile, product information, and technology overview.

Alca Torda Applications:  Company in France specializing in marine and off-shore fuel cell systems, for auxiliary power and propulsion.

Apollo Energy System:  Company specializing in alkaline fuel cell technology, derived from ammonia. Company profile, history, management, patents, publications and product catalog.

Ballard Power Systems:  Manufacturer of zero-emission proton exchange membrane fuel cells.

Cellkraft:  A Swedish firm which develops, manufactures and markets PEM fuel cells for back-up and niche applications. Company profile and products.

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited:  Australian company engaging the stationary power market with a solid oxide fuel cell design.

CMR Fuel Cells Limited:  UK developer of compact mixed reactant fuel cell stacks for portable and small stationary power generation applications.

Fuel Cell Stocks:  News and education about fuel cells and the hydrogen economy. Analysis and directory of publicly traded fuel cell manufacturers and hydrogen producers.

Fuel Cells America:  Consulting service and commissioned fuel cell sales company, focusing on the Wisconsin area. Overview of market and applications.

Fuel Cells Canada:  Supports corporations, educational institutions and business alliances that develop and promote fuel cell technology, products and services.

FuelCell Energy, Inc.:  Develops and markets carbonate fuel cell and advanced nickel zinc secondary battery. (Nasdaq: FCEL).

HTceramix SA:  Swiss developer and producer of solid oxide fuel cell stacks for use with hydrogen or reformate gas. Also offers oxygen-selective ceramic membranes.

Hydrogen Fuel Cars Now:  Offers information on hydrogen fuel, fueling stations, FCVs, and cars using internal combustion engines to burn H2 for automotive propulsion.

IdaTech:  Develops technology to extract and separate hydrogen from fuels, and integrated PEM fuel cell systems. Includes technology overview, list of publications, and a glossary.

Mesoscopic Devices, LLC:  Designs, fabricates and integrates portable fuel cell generators for military and industrial applications. Pumps and heat exchangers. Specializing in components for miniature fuel cells.

Mini Hydrogen :  Small fuel cells and hydrogen product store

Palcan :  fuel cells 100 W - 5 kW fuel cells

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH:  Developer and producer of low pressure PEM fuel cell systems, in the 5-150 kW range. Also develops fuel cell propulsion systems. Located in Germany.

Shanghai Shen-Li High Tech Co.:  Develops, manufactures, and markets PEM fuel cell products.

Silverwood Energy:  California corporation selling and installing hydrogen fuel cells for commercial and residential markets. Representative of Plug Power.

Sulzer Hexis AG:  Developer and producer of fuel cell systems presents its Galileo line of solid oxide fuel cells operating on natural gas. Overview of company, technology, and products.

Teledyne Brown Engineering :  Electrolytic hydrogen generators, PEM fuel cells

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