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Off Grid Products -- Renewable Energy Products & Services
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:30 AM


Sources for Off Grid Products

Backwoods Solar Electric Systems :  Backwoods Solar Electric Systems specializes in alternatively generated electricity for remote homes where utility lines are not available or not practical to access  (over 1/2 mile distant from the site).  Wen you speak with Backwoods Solar, your questions are personally answered by people using the products in daily life.  Pictured here is Ken and Charlene Mayginnes' home which is  a mile from the closest utility line, and has been  powered entirely by equipment in our catalog for 20 years..

Big Frog Mountain :  Big Frog Mountain offers this renewable energy information and point of purchase site and includes "how-to" information as well as on-line formula calculators for a number of different needs designed to make it easier to determine your specific energy needs and budget requirements.

Eurotech Home Products:  has an "off grid" home/shop with 3 different wind generators, different brands of panels, inverters etc. so that people can see and hear the products we sell and install.

Go Solar :  GO Solar Company's mission is to create the most useful, efficient, modern and complete systems for solar energy applications and support, achieving new standards of performance and reliability. Since 1985, GO Solar provides professional, residential and commercial, solar system design, installation, and service in the San Fernando Valley, California.

Planetary Systems :  Planetary Systems has been designing and installing renewable energy systems since 1994, and has over 1600 operational systems from 4kw to 22kw, worldwide.  We have always been and remain committed to tested and reliable, yet cutting edge technologies to advance local power generation capabilities.  We firmly believe all electrical power should be locally generated and using as much energy as practically feasible from wind, solar, hydro-electric and other renewable sources.  Based on this, our products reflect our experience and expertise in renewable energy, hydronic heating and water supply systems.  A majority of the products and systems available on our website are in everyday use either on our own or nearby off-grid systems and we strive to test and evaluate products prior to making these available in the marketplace.  

SUNRNR "Sun Runner" of Virginia:  Manufacturers of portable renewable energy generators.

The Solar Panel Store :  We focus on solar power products that function in the harshest environments, designed for years of reliable service. We handle all the components needed for back-up power systems, independent homes, remote systems, and utility-connected power systems. We offer knowledgable tech support before and after the sale.

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