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Organic Gardening Supplies -- Renewable Energy Products & Services
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Sources for Organic Supplies

1000 Friends of Oregon :  1000 Friends of Oregon's LUTRAQ Project successfully introduced alternatives to road-building in the Portland, OR area.  Their site contains much information on land use planning for greater transportation efficiency.

Aarons Rain Barrels:  A-1 Well Service supplies, installs, and services all water-well system components, such as pumps, tanks, controls, etc. We also arrange well drilling for customers who prefer complete package pricing. A-1 serves the Kingman and surrounding areas of Arizona, including the Bullhead, Lake Havasu, Hackberry, Fort Rock, and Dolan Springs regions. Located in Kingman, Arizona

Adirondack Alternate Energy:   

Affordable Comfort:  Affordable Comfort's mission is to advance the performance of residential buildings through it's annual and regional training events for building professionals on ways to remodel, repair, build, and diagnose homes, so they perform their best. The site includes the training schedule as well as technical resources for contractors, builders and technicians.

Alliance to Save Energy:  A coalition of prominent business, government, environmental and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide to benefit consumers, the environment, economy, and national security. Their site includes summaries of Alliance programs, links to Alliance Associates, press releases, and a publications list.

Appliance Standards Awareness Project:  Appliance and equipment efficiency standards reduce energy use, save consumers and businesses money, and cut power plant pollution that harms public health and the environment. ASAP works to advance and improve standards at both the federal and state levels. Browse the site to learn more about past successes and current opportunities in appliance and equipment energy efficiency standards.

Arkansas Solar Power:  Provider of solar hot-water system services.

Association of Energy Engineers:  The Association of Energy Engineers serves over 8,000 members. Their site includes information on courses, conferences, publications, certification, and local chapters.

Better Living:  Located in Covina, California  We make products for a better lifestyle for both your home and work environments. Our Sun Aire™ Ductless Furnaces are a safe, economical way to heat your home or office with clean, comfortable radiant heat.

Brigade Quartermasters:  Maker of the Trimetric meter for AE systems

Business for Social Responsibility:  The BSR is a comprehensive worldwide information resource on corporate social resonsibility.

California Energy Commission:  The California Energy Commission has an extensive web site featuring information concerning CEC projects and activities, publications, news databases, an energy education tool, and a directory of over 1,000 energy-related internet sites.

Calstart :  Calstart is an industry led consortia dedicated to creating and promoting advanced technology vehicles.  Their site includes a comprehensive catalog and the latest news about ATVs.

Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency :  The office of Energy Efficiency is encouraging efficient energy use throughout Canada.  Their site includes program descriptions, publications lists, and some on-line publications.  

Climate Action Network (CAN) :  Network of NGO's whose goal is to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels.

Cole Hardware:  CMC has helped over 300,000 residential and commercial customers reduce their energy bills by 15-40%. Presently auditing buildings in PA and NJ. 

Cool Companies: is the official site of the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions, a one-stop-shop that helps organizations reduce greenhouse gas emissions with practical advice, tools and technologies.

Direct Power & Water:  Delta Light -- the first to bring WHITE LED lighting to the market in 1998 continues the tradition by bringing state-of-the-art DC-DC Converters for hi-power Luxeon and other LEDs. Delta Light is an OEM manufacturer for many products using LEDs and fiber optics for general use lighting, phototherapy, medical, portable, and other energy efficient application the world over.

Dulley Column:  Provides alternative construction and renewable energy systems.

E SOURCE:  E SOURCE is a membership-based, information service company providing independent analysis of markets and technologies.  Their site includes lists of services, publications, and members.

Earthship Home:  Located in Scottsdale, Arizona

Efficient Windows Collaborative :  The Efficient Windows web site is sponsored by the Efficient Windows Collaborative (EWC) with support from the U.S. Department of Energy's Windows and Glazings Program and the participation of industry members. This web site provides unbiased information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use. EWC members have made a commitment to manufacture and promote energy-efficient windows.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network of the US DOE:  EREN is an enormous database and search engine on all aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energy.  The site provides access to a wealth of information about renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

Energy Road Maps:  The RoadMaps are a guide to retrofitting commercial properties, particularly tenant-occupied office buildings, to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. There are three RoadMaps, each outlining a different approach to reaching the same goal: a high performance, energy efficient building.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs:  Energy saving light bulbs use about 70% less energy than standard light bulbs. A 13 watt compact fluorescent light bulb produces about the same amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent light bulb. Current technology compact fluorescent bulbs turn on instantly, do not produce a flicker, have the same color of light as standard bulbs and they last about 10 times longer. All compact fluorescent light bulbs save energy compared to incandescent light bulbs. Many also meet certain Environmental Protection Agency standards to qualify as Energy Star light bulbs.

Energy Saving Products And Management:  Located in Boulder, Colorado

Energy Savings Store:  Located in Palm Springs, California is an on-line source of consumer information about energy consumption and generation.  Consumers can purchase energy-related products and, for those in states with a deregulated utility industry, choose an energy supplier or join a buying group through the site.

Energy4tomorrow:  Energy On-Line offers business and regulatory information on the energy industry, with an emphasis on electric industry restructuring. The Web site maintains an archive of news, reports, events, models, and organizations pertinent to the restructuring of the electric power industry. :  With ENERGYguide, you can learn how to lower your energy bills, through selecting a new supplier, replacing equipment in your home, or changing the way you use energy. You can also learn how your choices impact the environment. ENERGYguide offers, for sale, a growing list of high quality products to help reduce your energy costs along with the information you need to guide your decisions. Many of the products bear the ENERGY STAR® label from the Environmental Protection Agency. The site also has interactive features.  An independent reference library of energy conservation tips for homes and businesses.

Epicenter:  Located in Seattle, Washington

Equipped To Survive

Extremely Green:  Like our organic gardening supplies? Please Extremely Green Garden Company recommend this site. Organic Lawn Care We have all the products you need. ... (added 7/06)

Federal Energy Management Program:  The Federal Energy Management Program provides information, training, technical assistance, financial support, and demonstrations to help reduce energy waste in federal buildings. The FEMP site includes news and events, descriptions of technical and financial assistance options, showcase facilities, and procurement guidelines.

Fertile Garden Supply online organic garden catalog:  Fertile Garden Supply has sold organic garden supplies since 1988. Product line includes fertilizer, insecticides, beneficial insects, fungicides, ... (added 7/06)

Flex Your Power:  Flex Your Power is California's statewide energy efficiency marketing and outreach campaign. The campaign includes retail promotions, a comprehensive website, an electronic newsletter, educational materials and advertising. Find incentives/rebates, technical assistance, retailers, product guides, case studies and more at the Flex Your Power website,

Florida Solar Energy Center:  The Florida Solar Energy Center researches and promotes energy efficiency and solar energy in Florida. Their site includes project descriptions, on-line research reports, software demos, news and events.

Garden supplies, garden product, gardening equipment:  AHS Direct have a fantastic range of garden supplies, and gardening equipment from patio ... Lawn Feed, Lawn Fertiliser, Lawn Care · Organic Products ... (added 7/06)

Gardening, Pond Supply, Bird Supply, Organic Controls, & Gifts:  Garden Center & Garden supply featuring bird supply, garden pond supply and organic gardening products. Your source for all things in the garden. (added 7/06)

Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium:  The Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium is attempting to build a sustainable market for ground-source heat pumps. Their site includes a list of GHP suppliers, information on consortium members and activities, and over 100 GHP case studies.

Good & Plenty Green Shopping Directory:  Makes it easy to find the best healthy natural and earth-friendly products and services on the internet.       

Green Builder® LLC:  Green Builder®, LLC is an international development and consulting firm focused on responsible growth. We build projects and consult developers, builders, and product manufacturers on a variety of sustainability-related topics, including appropriate land use, design, resource efficiency, waste reduction, product innovation, and marketing.

Green Homes For Sale:  provides a high quality Internet venue to assist people to buy and sell solar, green, healthy, and or ecological homes.

Green Lights Program of the US EPA:  The U.S. EPA Green Lights Program encourages the widespread use of energy-efficient lighting. Their site includes a list of Green Lights participants, support services, and on-line manuals and publications.

GrowOrganic: Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply:  Supplies tools, equipment, and goods to organic gardeners and farmers. (added 7/06)

Heatisonline:  This site is based on the book The Heat Is On, by Ross Gelbspan.  The main feature of the site is a 6,000 word text overview on the ability of the planet to sustain civilization vs. the survival of the fossil fuel industry. This site also features a 10-minute multi-media presentation on climate change, a chronicle of the last four years of the increasingly frequent and severe weather events all over the world and a digest of the major scientific findings on global warming.

Home Concepts:  Your doorway to unique country designs featuring house, garage, cottage and carriage house plans. Immediate email delivery of all plans. 

Home Energy:  Home Energy Magazine is dedicated to housing quality, comfort, and energy efficiency.  The Home Energy web site includes an index to all feature articles, some full articles, and energy links.

Home Ideas:  Home improvement information for your home project.

Home Water Treatment Systems:  Home water treatment at Eden Engineering providing water filters, water purifiers, reverse osmosis water filtration and water purification systems cartridges. 

Hydroponic Garden Supplies:  Organic Gardening Supplies, Bat Guano and Hydrponic Garden Supplies from ... Organic garden supplies & hydroponic supplies at ... (added 7/06)

Ihomelinecom:  New Home and Remodeling Information Guide. 

International Association of Energy-Efficient Lighting:  IAEEL organizes conferences, publishes a newsletter, and maintains a network to promote energy-efficient lighting worldwide. Their site includes copies of newsletters, a list of lighting-related meetings and events, and a directory to Internet resources on lighting energy efficiency.

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives:  ICLEI is building and supporting a worldwide movement of local governments to improve global environmental conditions through local actions. More than 240 cities, towns, and counties as members. Their site includes project descriptions, newsletters, and a "tools guide" for local governments.

International Energy Foundation:  The International Energy Foundation is a non-profit group of scientists, researchers, and engineers whose mission is to facilitate the transfer of research and technology in all areas of energy, with special emphasis on developing countries. Interest lies in better ways to produce, transmit and conserve energy with respect to the technical, economic and human dimensional elements, including global climate change and sustainable development.

Iowa Energy Center:  The Iowa Energy Center is a research, demonstration, and educational organization dedicated to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy in Iowa. Their site includes project summaries, information on grants and loans, and educational materials.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory:  LBNL's Environmental Energy Technologies Division conducts research leading to better energy-efficient technologies that reduce environmental impacts. The site includes an interactive tool for improving home energy efficiency (the Home Energy Saver), as well as newsletters, research reports, and a directory of links to other energy efficiency resources.

LED Enterprises:  Located in Dallas, Texas

LED Light LED Lighting Products:  Online Catalog of white LED and Luxeon Star, Inova X5 flashlights, White LED light fixtures, Light Emitting Diodes, LED Lamps, LED bulbs, Solar Power Stations and Solar fans.  / 

Luckyplanet:  The pollution problems can be reduced by alternative energy. 

Malibu Water:  Providing Farm Pond Aeration Systems, Windmill, Electric, Solar Power and water treatment systems. 

March Solar:  Clean, Silent, Electricity from the Sun.

Master Gardening:  Catalog of gardening tools and supplies including composters, seed starting equipment, greenhouses, fertilizers, and plants. (added 8/06)

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance:  The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is a regional network of organizations collaborating to promote energy efficiency. MEEA's vision is to be a leader in raising and sustaining the level of energy efficiency in the Midwest region by fostering increased market penetration of existing energy-efficient technologies and promoting new technologies, products and best practices, including renewable energy.

Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy:  ME3 is a coalition working to improve the quality of life, the environment and the economy of Minnesota by promoting energy efficiency and the sound use of renewable energy. Their site includes project summaries, a newsletter, links to members, and background papers on a variety of energy issues.

National Association Of Energy Service Companies:  NAESCO promotes the delivery of energy efficiency and other energy services by ESCOs. Their site includes information on NAESCO services and activities, international opportunities for ESCOs, news and events, and a list of members.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory:  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the nation's leading center for renewable energy research, also conducts energy efficiency and energy policy research. Their site features program and project descriptions, partnership opportunities, publications, news and events.

Natural Capitalism:   

Natural Resources Defense Council:  NRDC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the world's natural resources and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all.  Their site includes many documents on energy efficiency under the air/energy program.

New Buildings Institute:  The NBI is a national collaborative to encourage and support workable energy codes and design guidelines.

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority:  A state organization that promotes energy efficiency, encourages economic development, expands use of renewable energy sources, and reduces the environmental effects of energy production through R&D, demonstration, financial and technical assistance projects. Their site includes project descriptions, notices of new projects and RFPs, events, and a publications list.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA):  The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association is a regional membership organization focused on promoting the understanding, development, and adoption of energy conservation and non-polluting, renewable energy technologies. They work to bring clean electricity, green transportation, and healthy, efficient buildings into everyday use in order to improve the environment, protect human health, and nurture local economies.

Northern Tool:  Supplying high quality tools and equipment at low, discount prices. 

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance:  The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is a consortium of utilities, governments, public interest groups, and the private sector dedicated to transforming markets for energy-efficient products and services in the Pacific Northwest. Their site includes project summaries, news, links to members, and a link to CONWEB - the Pacific Northwest Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Newsletter.

Office of Mobile Sources :  EPA's Office of Mobile Sources is responsible for air pollution regulation and compliance from motor vehicles.  Their site includes regulatory updates, emission models, consumer information, and light duty vehicle fuel economy data.

organic garden, organic gardening gifts:  Organic soft fruit plants available by mail order for gardeners, commercial growers and garden centres. Wiggly Wigglers (added 7/06)

Organic Gardening Information Resources from Home Harvest Garden:  Howard has a weekly TV segment Garrett's Organic Garden on Channel 8 on Fridays at ... Possibly the most comprehensive selection of composters and supplies ... (added 7/06)

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center:  The Northwest's leading resource for promoting a cleaner environment through pollution prevention. 

Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles:  This partnership between the U. S. Government and USCAR (Chrysler, Ford, and GM) advances automotive technologies with a goal of tripling the fuel efficiency of new vehicles over the long run.  Their site contains program plans and goals, accomplishments, project summaries, news and information about participants.

Pricing Central:  Your online price comparison shopping portal, indexes all the best price search engines and online shopping bots into a comprehensive directory

Rainwater Harvesting Guide:   

Rohde's Nursery and Nature Store:  Buy organic gardening products, bird and bat houses, and pest control online, and see price list of Texas native plants. (added 8/06)

Safe Climate:  A project of World Resources Institute with climate change news and actions. 

Snow Pond Farm Supply:  Offers a full line of organic products for home gardeners and commercial growers. (added 8/06)

Solar Works Inc:  Providing renewable energy services and equipment to government agencies, utilities, private business, homeowners and not-for-profit organizations. Located in Montpelier, Vermont

Solar-B2b:  Develops contact between renewable energy businesses

Southface Energy Institute:  The Southface Energy Institute works to promote environmentally sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance. Programs such as the Greenprints conference and tradeshow foster the Southface mission and present quality learning opportunities for those new to green building, in addition to offering a dynamic forum for for design and construction professionals to interact with experts.

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP):  The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) is a new public interest initiative promoting greater energy efficiency in a six-state region that includes Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Sunnybrook Environmental: Your Source For The Finest Natural And Environmentally Friendly Products :  available. Personal care, indoor home and outdoor home and garden care products featuring Brill luxus lawn mowers

Surface Transportation Policy Project:  STPP works to move transportation policy toward energy conservation, environmental protection and social equity.  Their site is a good source of information about TEA-21 and other transportation policy issues.

Survival Instinct:  Survival Supplies, Camping equipment, MRE. 

Survival Method:  Your source for survival products and survival-related material. Also working to establish a thriving community of survivalists to congregate and learn from one another.

Sustainable  Sustainable is a focal point for the sustainable business community on the Internet. Their site consists of the Sustainable Business Insider journal, Library, Sustainable Business Opportunities, and Green Dream Jobs.

Sustainable Energy Coalition:  The Sustainable Energy Coalition brings together more than 30 national business, environmental, consumer, and energy policy organizations. Founded in 1992, the Coalition promotes increased federal support for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and reduced federal support for unsafe or polluting energy resources.

Texas A & M Energy Systems Laboratory:  The Energy Systems Laboratory performs energy efficiency research and helps to implement the Texas LoanSTAR program, a premier state building retrofit program. Their site features publications, conference information, and information on the LoanSTAR program.

The Energy Savings Store:  The Energy Savings Store, a subsidiary of ROI Energy Solutions, is a Renewable Energy Services Company that provides Wind Power, Solar PV and Hydrogen.  Located in Wentzville, Missouri

The Epicenter:  Radios, Power Inverters, DC to AC Converters, Solar Cells, Solar Chargers, Fuel Treatments, Test Equipment, and Alternative Powered Items. 

The Green Store:  Offers organic clothing, natural bedding, solar and wind home energy systems and alternative health remedies. (added 8/06)

The Lighting Resource:  The Lighting Resource is a small commercial clearinghouse for vendors of efficient lighting products. Affiliated with Lighting in Canada.  The Lighting Resource also maintains links to lighting equipment vendors. 

The Weatherizations Pages:  Contemptempory thermal, moisture and indoor air quality protection for buildings. 

Us Green Building Council:  Located in Washington DC, United States

Weatherizations Pages:  Contemptempory thermal, moisture and indoor air quality protection for buildings. 

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