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Resource Links to Fuel Cells
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:30 AM is an educational site about the benefits of hydrogen-powered fuel cells.

A Strategy for the Hydrogen Transition  new link -- Geothermal resource data for the southeastern U.S. through the Regional Geophysics Laboratory; summary of geothermal resources, technology, and potential of geothermal heat pumps in the southeastern U.S. 

Ballard Power Systems:  Ballard is recognized as the world leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells for transportation and power generation applications. Ballard is also commercializing electric drives for fuel cell and other electric vehicles, power conversion products, and is a Tier 1 automotive supplier of friction materials for power train components. Ballard works closely with strategic partners, development partners, and customers to transform its current technology leadership into market leadership in each target market.

Bellona of Norway: Fuel Cells  University of Arizona research center 

BMW Clean Energy:  Visit the BMW Clean Energy site to learn about the automobile manufacturer's development of new, environmentally friendly concept vehicles that run on hydrogen and electricity.

California Fuel Cell Partnership:  The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a collection of automobile companies, energy and fuel suppliers, fuel cell technology partners, and state and federal agencies that have joined together to demonstrate fuel cell vehicles under real-world driving conditions. The partnership will place approximately 70 fuel cell passenger cars and buses on the road between 2000 and 2003. In addition to testing the fuel cell vehicles, the Partnership will also identify fuel infrastructure issues and prepare the California market for this new technology.

California Hydrogen Business Council:  The California Hydrogen Business Council is a non-profit organization comprised of organizations and individuals involved in the business of hydrogen. Members include: fuel cell manufacturers and suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of hydrogen generation, compression and storage technologies, manufacturers and suppliers of hydrogen internal combustion engines, engineers and service providers, and municipal, state and federal agencies.

Cellennium:  The Yestermorrow Design/Build School is a dynamic learning community exploring and teaching the integrated creative process of designing and building a sustainable future. 

Celsius:  PDF-144k -- T99-07, This paper illustrates how the careful coordination of fuel-cell commercialization in stationary and transportation applications, the use of small-scale, distributed fueling appliances, and Hypercar® vehicles combine to offer leapfrog opportunities for climate protection and the transition to hydrogen (1999).

Ceramatec:  new performance test code for fuel cells 

Cetiner Engineering Corporation  Developer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells.

College of the Desert:  Expertise in alternative fuels, alternative fueled vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, and vehicle infrastructure integration

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas  Commercializing new designs of regenerative fuel cells using vanadium salts as electrolytes.

Dais-Analytic  new link -- PDF-1.5 MB -- U02-02, This research paper explores the cost-effectiveness of fuel cells as an electrical generation source to provide domestic, commercial and industrial power. Cleaner Energy, Greener Profits finds that, over the next decade, the once-centralized electric power industry will evolve toward a more competitive and heterogeneous structure. In this new environment, the use of fuel cells will become economical if their proponents can capture their benefits as small, decentralized power sources. Fuel cells and other distributed generation sources require less power distribution infrastructure (wires and transformers) because they can be sited close to where power is used. They are cleaner and quieter than conventional power generation sources, so they can be located near or inside buildings where their output is used. Because fuel cells are modular and flexible in size, they don't result in overbuilding of capacity as do large power plants. Also, they can provide power with better reliability than conventional systems (2002).

Department of Defense Fuel Cell Demonstration Program:  This site summarizes the fuel cell programs managed by the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center/ Construction Engineering Research Laboratory in Champaign, Illinois.

Dynetek Industries Ltd.:  Dynetek is an industry leader in manufacturing advanced lightweight composite cylinders for vehicles powered by CNG and hydrogen.

Emprise Corporation:  Emprise Corporation provides test stands and equipment for the manufacturing of fuel cells and holds a patent for a fuel cell humidification system know as the Humidicore™. They have also provided testing solutions for Capstone Turbines, Caterpillar, Cummins, and other vehicle and engine manufacturers.

Energy Control Systems Engineering:  Energy Control Systems Engineering provides consulting, design, and prototyping services for system integration and monitoring of electrochemical energy systems including batteries and fuel cells.

EREN Hydrogen Information Network:  Learn about DOE's research involving hydrogen technologies and its outreach activities that support the introduction of hydrogen into the national energy mix.

Eye for fuel cells:  ENN News article on DaimlerChrysler's unveiling of its NECAR 4 fuel cell vehicle, March 1999.

Ford Motorcompany:  Developing PEM fuel cell based portable and stationary power products.

FreedomCAR:  DOE's FreedomCAR Program focuses on the research needed to develop the necessary technologies, such as fuel cells and hydrogen from domestic renewable sources, to provide a full range of affordable cars and light trucks that are free of foreign oil and harmful emissions, without sacrificing freedom of mobility and freedom of vehicle choice.

Fuel Cell  Fuel Cell offers fuel cell related products to consumers and functions as an information resource for learning how hydrogen fuel cell technology works, and how it will be integrated into real world applications.

Fuel Cell Today:  Fuel Cell Today is a global Internet portal for companies and individuals interested in the commercialization of fuel cells. The site is an excellent source for finding all the latest fuel cell news, commentary, resources, and locating business opportunities.

Fuel Cells UK:  comprises the participants of the fuel cell bus projects who intend to introduce fuel cell transit buses to their fleets and establish a hydrogen refueling infrastructure in their cities

Gaskatel GmbH  Focus is on the commercialization of carbonate fuel cells for power generation, with history, applications, research and demonstration programs, publications and resource information.

Gaz De France  The "Personals" page of the FC newspaper

GE Energy and Environmental Research Corp  Answers to frequently asked questions about fuel cells, courtesy of The American Hydrogen Association.

General Motors:  From the California Energy Commission, explains what fuel cells are, and lists the various types of fuel cells. 

Genesis World Energy:  Genesis Scientific is a technology development, production and supply consortium. Working to develop a new fuel cell technology that allows consumers to access the energy contained within the hydrogen and oxygen molecular structure of ordinary water.

H tec Hydrogen Energy Systems:  established to foster the development of the U.K. fuel cell industry, elevate the U.K. industry in the international arena, and raise the profile of U.K. fuel cell activity. 

H2 Nation:  A magazine featuring stories about hydrogen and the United States transition to a hydrogen economy.


Honeywell International Inc / Research and Technology Center

Hydro Quebec Research Institute  Distributes the HomeGen 7000s, a residential fuel cell power generation system, through qualified energy-industry retail resellers.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Investor:  The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Investor offers insight into the hydrogen fuel cell industry, including news and market trends, technology development, and advances in materials and components.

Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastucture Programs:  source of information on types of fuel cell devices, with animations, links, and downloads. 

Hypercars, Hydrogen, and Distributed Utilities: Disruptive Technologies and Gas-Industry Strategy  PDF-136k  --  E03-07, RMI's CEO Amory Lovins replies to a Nature article by EPRI's Paul Grant, who claimed that a hydrogen economy would be impractical (taking too much land, capital, fossil fuel, etc.)...except with nuclear power, whose dismal economics he conveniently ignored (23 August 2003).

ICTP-CSIC  Desert Research Institute's fuel cell site, with information on technologies, vehicle designs, global efforts and renewable fuel options.

ICV-CSIC  Hydrogen and fuel cells have the potential to solve several major challenges facing America today: dependence on petroleum imports, poor air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions. The Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies Program is working with partners to accelerate the development and successful market introduction of these technologies. 

Inflating Hydrogen Needs  PDF-1.3 MB -- E03-15, Public interest in hydrogen as a fuel for the future has reached an all-time high. Yet conflicting, confusing, and often ill-informed commentary accompanies the excitement. This PowerPoint presentation explains basic hydrogen facts and fallacies. This presentation was given by Amory Lovins at the Given Institute, Aspen, Colorado (06 August 2003).

Intelligent Optical Systems  Develop, manufacture and market systems for on-site hydrogen production, convert fleets to run on hydrogen, market vehicle conversion kits, and develop comprehensive educational products. / (added 09/2005)

International Fuel Cell Workshop:  PDF-1.5 MB -- E00-25, This PowerPoint presentation informed the American Gas Association's joint marketing/operations conference of how Hypercars' multiple roles, in transportation and power generation, could profoundly affect fuel markets (09 May 2000).

Materials and Electrochemical Research (MER)  PDF-64k  --  E04-05, In an unpublished letter to Science, Amory Lovins points out that CalTech researchers overstated by about tenfold the amount of hydrogen that would be needed to run the U.S. economy. This continues a series of technical errors by the same group, including its famous two-order-of-magnitude overestimate of how much hydrogen might leak from a hydrogen-based energy system, ostensibly endangering the ozone layer. See E03-02 - (02 February 2004).

McDermott Technology Inc / Alliance Research Center  Specializes in the design and development of proprietary optical communications, monitoring and signal-processing technologies, including sensors for fuel cell technologies.

Metallic Power  international conference on polymer electrolyte fuel cells for electric vehicles. November 12-14, 2001, in Yamanashi, Japan.  / (added 09/2005)

National Aerospace Laboratory  Research and development corporation focused on advanced composites, powders, coatings and fullerenes, as well as energy conversion systems that include batteries, fuel cells and gas storage.

National Hydrogen Association (NHA):  NHA helps to develop hydrogen technologies by acting as an information exchange and providing the setting for mutual support among industry, government, and academic organizations to promote the use of these technologies in industrial and commercial applications.

Netherlands Energy Research Foundation  Provider of defense, energy and electronic R&D services and nuclear power plant services. Services are provided to the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Electric Power Research Institute, Gas Research Institute, Nuclear Regulatory Co..

News and Trends  Company developing a zinc-air fuel cell.

Northwest Power Systems   

NREL Energy Storage:  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL) Energy Storage Project is leading the charge on battery thermal management, modeling, and systems solutions to enhance the performance of fuel cell, hybrid electric, and electric vehicles (FCVs, HEVs, and EVs) for a cleaner, more secure transportation future.

NREL Fleet Test & Evaluation:  The Fleet Test and Evaluation (FT&E) team works with commercial and government fleets and industry groups to test and deploy medium- and heavy-duty alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in service. Information derived from evaluation of vehicle performance is fed back to research programs to help shape future work.

NREL Hybrid Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles:  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) works toward developing hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs); moving them from research and development to the marketplace. The laboratory began investigating HEV technologies more than a decade ago. In the past few years several commercial HEV models, which are powered simultaneously by batteries and fuel, have taken their place in the mainstream automobile market. More recently, HEV drivetrains have been used successfully in heavy-duty trucks, buses, and military vehicles.

Powerball Technologies LLC  Trends and investment news in hydrogen production, storage and infrastructure.

Procyon Power Systems Inc  A subsidiary of IDACORP Technologies, Inc., a non-regulated member of the IDACORP, Inc., family of energy-related companies. This Oregon company manufactures and sells patented PEM fuel cell components, subsystems and fully integrated systems.

Quantum Technologies:  Developer and manufacturer of hydrogen-powered vehicles and refueling equipment.

REB Research & Consulting  Designs and manufactures modular, water desalination and renewable power generation systems powered by fuel cells.

Rebuttal to Tromp et al's Response in Science, Science magazine  The manufacturing arm of International Fuel Cell (IFC), both of South Windsor, Connecticut. Both are subsidiaries of United Technologies Corporation. Manufactures, markets and supports fuel cells for stationary power applications. IFC also is d..

Report: Role of Fuel Cells in New York   

T/J Technologies  new link -- Michigan-based research and consulting firm. Specializes in hydrogen purifiers and membrane reactors for electronics and fuel cells. Consultants on hydrogen extraction, purification, sorption (gettering), transport and transport barriers.

The Fuel Cell Bus Club:  PDF-136k  --  E03-02, Amory Lovins argues that the authors of the erroneous Science ( article claiming enormous hydrogen leaks have misinterpreted their references (again) in an effort to conceal their original mistake (13 October 2003).

Twenty Hydrogen Myths  National Resources Defense Council's report on the role fuel cells can play in New York State.

U.S. Fuel Cell Council:  Fuel Cells 2000 is an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute (BTI), a non-profit [501(c)(3)] educational organization formed to promote the development and early commercialization of fuel cells and related pollution-free, efficient energy generation, storage and utilization technologies and fuels.

UTC Fuel Cells About Fuel Cells:

WestinghouseSavannah River Company  Designs, develops and manufactures advanced materials and devices for electrochemical energy storage and conversion.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute  Information on the achievements of the U.S. Laboratories work on fuel cell technologies. Also resource information and links.

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