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Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:30 AM

Calculator links
Lmno Engineering :  new link -- Have calculators for fluid flow and formula information, good for hydro calculations or water pumping applications (things like friction loss through pipes, etc.).

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Case Study links
Biochemicals For The Printing Industry:  new link -- Bolger Publications switched from using petroleum-based press wash to a vegetable-based product, resulting in a safer work environment and financial savings. To learn more about Bolgerís case study and the use of biochemicals in the printing industry.


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Map links
Alabama Wind Map:  new link -- In the last 13 years, variations of the Rocket Stove have been built in over 20 countries.  Efficiency: 12-42%. The efficiency depends on type of a heat exchanger used.
South Carolina Wind Map:  new link -- Interactive maps with zoom-in capability that highlight the wind, biomass, geothermal, and solar resources in the 11 western states.

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Product & Service links
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Statistic links
Appliance Reports:  new link -- Appliance Reports are brief statistical reports in which long-term U.S. trends in market share of air-conditioning units and about two-dozen appliances are compared with trends in each U.S. Census Division. The Appliance Reports are the only source of long-term regional data on appliance market share.
National Climatic Data Center Wind Speed Data:  new link -- Knowing where a high wind resource may exist is valuable to a wind energy project developer or potential wind energy user because it allows them to choose a general area of estimated high wind for more detailed examination. NREL identifies and gathers data for wind resource maps of the United States and foreign countries. These maps help developers or users find areas worthy of detailed wind resource monitoring.
The Weather At Keele:  new link -- Real time data from Keele University's Automatic Weather Station. Contains temperature, rainfall, solar energy, and satellite images.

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