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Green Transportation Options - Electric Scooters
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:30 AM

Also see: Fuels (BioEnergy)  

People ride electric scooters because they:

crave the feel of scooting -- like skiing on land;
enjoy making local errands fun, quick and easy;
like to save money, meet new people, and protect the environment;
still need convenient, point-to-point transportation after losing their driving privileges;
want their own traffic "lane", convenient parking spots and shortcuts;
would use public transportation if they could avoid the "long walk";
find electric scooter dates even more romantic than motorcycle dates;
regularly travel farther than the 1-mile range of kick scooters;
deserve more fun and freedom in their lives.

For either recreation or transportation, electric scooters offer major advantages over the most popular gas-powered scooters:

  1. Electric scooters are allowed on public transit (bus/train/plane) whereas gas-powered scooters are prohibited.
  2. Noise and air pollution of gas-powered scooters is eliminated.
    Electric motors provide quick starts and hill-climbing without the delay of gas engine "ramp up".
  3. Although often purchased as a "toy", electric scooters often serve as transportation - whether for local errands or when youngsters go to college.

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Electric Scooters:  (Formerly Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas) EDTA is an international association representing the interest of those involved in the development, production and use of battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric drive technologies and supporting infrastructure. EDTA serves as the central source of information on technical, market and policy issues for the electric drive industry.
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EV Tech:   
Gobox Universal Motor Controller:  EV Tech sells all electric scooters, bikes, golf carts, low speed vehicles, utility vehicles and industrial vehicles.
Hellenic Institute of Electric Vehicles:  See our full selection of electric and fuel-efficient gas vehicles at the guaranteed lowest prices. We sell parts and accessories for your electric scooter as well. Your #1 Source for Alternative Transportation.
Motorsooters for you - Electric or gas Motor Scooters and ATV and many others:   
NEW  Urban Electric Scooters offers electric scooters which provide a great alternative to gas powered transportation. If you would like to clean up your commute, electric scooters are a great way to go
United States Council for Automotive Research (FreedomCAR):  We are excited to share the exciting and fun entertainment of owning your own electric or gas motorized scooters. We are looking to provide information to wonderful scooters that are fun and safe. Many new specials will allow multiple scooter purchases so everyone can enjoy the times together. 
Welsh car team pioneer electric dream:   

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