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Wind Power

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Wind Power Videos
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:30 AM

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Jersey Atlantic Wind Farm
From:  timeninjastudios

A short documentary on the most incredible, awe inspiring place in the universe: a wind farm. Produced for Plum TV.

Disk Wind Turbine
From:  otivaeey

How the turbine works: Rotatable shutters mounted on a circular disk automatically open when directed into the wind, irregardless of the wind's direction.  Pairs of upper and lower shutters are geared together. The lower shutter acts as a counterweight to the upper shutter. The bottom shutter opens in the downward direction and its weight helps to lift the upper shutter in the upward direction, as the wind applies an opening force against both shutters....

For more Information:
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine or Hydro-Turbine

Wind Turbine
From:  stchrist

A wind turbine east of Bloomington, IL

For more Information:
Twin Groves Construction Has Begun


Climbing Wind Turbines
From:  newconsumer

Swaffham, Norfolk, to climb the UK's only wind turbine open to the public.

Last week, the EU committed Europe to producing 20 per cent of its energy from renewables by 2020.

In the UK, that mostly means wind power, which - contrary to some reports - is being greeted with open arms in parts of the country. One of the nation's wind-lovers is the tiny Norfolk town of Swaffham, which is already home to two major turbines and has just received a planning application for another six

Encore Clean Energy SideWinder Wind Turbine
From:  Larry411

Encore's proof-of-concept SideWinder wind-turbine demo unit develops tremendous torque at its central shaft even in low speed winds. The SideWinder is radically-different than any other wind turbine technology being offered today and targets the most lucrative and currently untapped market for wind power: the low wind-speed ROOFTOP WIND market -- harnessing clean wind energy on top of mini-malls and buildings around the world....

For more information:
The SideWinder Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine (Quietrevolution QR5)
From:  rubenet2000

The UK has the largest wind resource of any country in Europe, making it the ideal choice for a renewable source of energy.

It is estimated that small scale wind generation – together with other forms of microgeneration – could provide 30-40% of all the UK’s electricity needs by 2050*. And, with price trends for crude oil continuing upwards, it is currently projected that the cost of small scale wind will be competitive with fossil fuels by as early as 2010. The BWEA has some useful information on small wind…

For more information:
Quiet Revolution

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